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A look at on-page optimization utilizing best practice SEO.

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Best practice SEO involves following the letter and intent of the search engines' policies, and avoiding the utilization of deceptive methods.

The best time to plan best time to plan search engine optimization (SEO)

work is during a site design or redesign. If your site isn't worthy of ranking, you should fix your web site first, then worry about SEO.

Best practice SEO is a great deal easier to accept for web site designers who offer best time to plan search engine optimization (SEO)

services, since they can take a more holistic approach to the problem.

One of the most important factors in SEO is the overall construction of the Website itself.

Proper keyword placement within the site individual page content will help you deliver searchers to the best landing page for their specific search queries. The search engines also need to be able to crawl a site effectively and the site's internal linking structure influences the rankings of individual pages in subtle ways.

Create usable pages and let the keywords fall in to the copy and layout naturally.

Page Title:

Search terms that occur in the page's title are regarded as more important, so the primary search terms should be included here. This is more important for internal pages than for the homepage. Not above ten words.


The main headline on your web page should contain your search terms. But, the heading must work well to draw visitors into the page and should not be just a list of search terms. Don't replace a sales-grabbing heading with a awkward search term.

If you've dedicated some of the site's external profile (link building) to target a particular search term, or you're dealing with search terms that are not competitive, or you may be able to avoid using search terms in the main heading altogether.

Body Content:

The most key terms should appear in the first paragraph of text.

Use the keywords naturally, and make sure that the copy still works to communicate with site visitors.


It is critical to use keywords within the relevant hyperlinks on each page.

This helps to reinforce your site's theme, and boosts the ranking of the pages on both ends of the link. The search engines will see the keywords in a hvperlink (anchor text) as important for both the page that reflects the link, and the linked page.

Search engine optimization Copywriting:

The integration of good copywriting with search engine optimization is a very difficult undertaking.

Pages must be optimized with out making them read as though they were written for the search engines. The Reader comes very first. If there is a conflict between SEO and copywriting, let the copywriting win. Don't replace a sales-grabbing heading with an awkward search term.

with the right process it's possible to have good copy and good rankings. You can work the keywords into other places (such as navigation links), and made that search term part of the page's external profile. It's not always easy to find alternative approaches like this, but it's necessary if you want to have an productive Website after the Search engine optimization work is performed.

Keyword Density:

There is not a magic amount of times that you should use a search term on a page. There is no exact percentage of the copy that need to be devoted to keywords. Write naturally, optimize naturally, and it's going to all work out.

It was common practice in SEO to insert keywords and phrases into every possible location.

A page wasn't optimized until it had keywords stuffed into its title, headings, first words of the first sentence of the first paragraph, hyperlinks, comment tags, and used as the alt attribute of an image or two. Today, a page like that is easily flagged like a doorway page, and even a very relevant page can be quickly ignored by the search engines if it is optimized in such an overblown fashion.

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