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True Religion Jeans
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Although bridesmaids today no longer wear identical dresses, their dresses are still chosen keeping in mind the style of the wedding dress and overall theme of the wedding. Their role is vast right from assisting the bride in shopping, booking hotel rooms for out-of-town guests to hosting bachelorette party and bridal shower.
But things changed when Rulon Jeffs died. His successor was not immediately identified and confusion as to who would lead the church of about 10,000 followers would result in a division of the faith. Many of the FLDS faithful would follow Warren Jeffs, a kind and quiet son of Rulon. Others would follow other church leaders, each claiming authority to lead the church.
Eventually, Warren Jeffs would secure his position as President of the FLDS and would become the "Prophet, Seer and Revelator." His kind demeanor would slowly morph into a man that ruled firmly with an iron fist, a person who trusted almost no one and who felt justified in plundering the coffers of the surrounding governments and seeking revenge against his Mormon neighbors.
Still his calm and timid demeanor still affected others, who to this day remain loyal to him and believe he is less a fallen prophet and more a persecuted one.
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