Allergy or Food Intolerance

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A food allergy refers to the hypersensitive reaction caused when a protein within the problem food acts as an allergen that stimulates the production of antibodies which in turn activate an abnormal reaction of the immune system eg. anaphylaxis is just a potentially deadly allergic reaction most often triggered by foods, drugs and insect stings.

Food intolerance basically describes the body's adverse response to certain foods or ingredients. The response occurs on every occasion as soon as the problem food is consumed and tends to be common in people with weak digestive systems. Food intolerance may not be an instant reaction after ingestion and the quantity of food needed to create a reaction varies. Food intolerances are not deadly, although over the years they could have you feeling generally sick and affect your quality of life.

People with allergies have to watch what they eat and ensure that no cross-contamination takes place with foods that could include high risk allergens. The EU food labeling laws was brought into action in 2005 and means that all food must clearly outline its ingredients and when it features an allergen, such as eggs or nuts. The present gold standard treatment is the removal and challenge diet, which involves re-introducing the foods one at-a time to recognize the perpetrator ingredient avoiding foods for between five to 10 times and then. However, the results are difficult to analyse and, as Professor Nick Read points out, it's really easy to omit too many foods out of your daily diet and risk becoming malnourished. The more meals you cut out, the more likely you also are to become intolerant to those that are left in your food regimen, so you must never attempt an exclusion diet without expert advice.

Every now and then it is not apparent which food causes a problem. Really the only reliable method of pinpointing this type of food intolerance is by an exclusion diet, where you cut out specific foods from your diet one at a time to determine if there is an impact.

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