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Hays, KS, February 5, 2013 – Andy Bryant, the publisher of BadassHeadphones.com has recently published a comprehensive review of Sennheiser HD800 headphones on his website, revealing the pros and cons, as well as the exceptional functions and qualities of this high definition headphone of the decade. This explains why the HD 800 from Sennheiser has received a lot of attention from entertainment gadget enthusiasts.

After such a long anticipation of its release, many reviewers include Andy Bryant have called it the best dynamic headphone on the market. But with so many digits on the price tag, it’s no wonder most of us will have a take step back before taking out our credit card.

The Pros and Cons of The HD 800 Headphone

Exceptional midrange sound quality

HD 800 is considerably great, especially when compared to the competitors like Sony R10, At W5000 and L3000, etc. Some reviewers even says it’s “the “rightest” mids I have ever heard in a headphone.”.

Great for Sound-staging

It is said to be a Deejay’s must-have headphones. Many reviewers have reported back that the headphone delivers the message as it is intended. The drawback is the treble which to some, this can be problematic. But this point is sort of the studio recording people that will notice any difference.

Andy emphasizes that it’s best to know what you’re buying before you invest hundreds of dollars on a pair of these. This is one of those things that you only buy once or twice in your lifetime. That’s why it’s best you make it worth every dollar you spend.

About BadassHeadphones.com

BadassHeadphones.com is a website reviewing high quality gadgets and high definition headphones. Check out his full review of the Sennheiser HD 800 here. The reviews are written by Andy Bryant Nielsen who is a professional DJ, and a high-tech gadget lover.

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