Bifocal Sunglasses: A Bifocal Glasses That Protect Eyes From UV Radiation

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Bifocal Sunglasses are a reading glasses or bifocal glasses and a sunglasses as well. It becomes an important item for people who have problems to see at close range (hyperopia or farsightedness). As we get older, we often experience a decrease in the ability to read at close range.

If you find it is getting uneasy to read a book or a newspaper, go to an Optician and check your eyes. Perhaps this is the right time to start wearing a reading glasses, whether bifocal glasses or progressive glasses. Bifocal Sunglasses has two functions, as reading glasses and a sunglasses as it protecting eyes from UV light / radiation.

A Bifocal Sunglasses have four lenses. Two lenses for reading, which is embedded into the sunglasses. These glasses are important for people with farsightedness problem, which also has many activities outdoor. While on picnics or when you are in the park during daytimes, reading your favorite book would be easier with a Bifocal Sunglasses.

For people who like to travel, these glasses are also important. Bifocal lens does helps in viewing maps, books, travel guides, and others. The sunglasses part helps protect the eyes from UV radiation. We know that UV radiation is bad for the eyes, and can cause many unwanted things.

Bifocal Sunglasses consists a variety of brands and prices. The cheapest one usually costs $10 to $30. Many well-known brands such as Ray Ban sunglasses, Anne Klein and others provide a more qualified bifocal Sunglasses. Of course the price is more expensive. Your decide, which one is best. Cheap one always come with average quality, and expensive price usually means higher quality. But all is up to your needs and financial capabilities.

There are different types of lenses are used for bifocal Sunglasses, ranging from polycarbonate, Trivex, Photochromic and Polarized. Frame made from titanium materials are more expensive, but more comfortable to wear. Titanium has a lighter weight, making a good use for a long time because it does not make the wearer tired.

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