Biogetica proudly completes 8 Years of Successful Healing.

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Biogetica was formed with the intent of presenting natural medicine systems and Doctors that practice them, in a unified manner online. We are a collective of Dr's, scientists and healers from various traditions such as Allopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Quantum Physics, Homeopathy, Bio-energetics, Chinese and Tibetan medicine. The members of our collective were tasked with reaching into the wisdom of their traditions and presenting products and methods that had significant prior use data and modern trials supporting them. Our goal was to reach at a scientifically proven method for whole person healing that synthesizes the wisdom of ancient traditions with the verifiability of modern science.

This has now led us to an online only offering where visitors online can submit one form to be consulted by all these different Doctors simultaneously or visitors can purchase product kits that represent a multi-disciplinary natural approach to various ailments. Biogetica’s Doctors are available online 24/7. Our approach generally includes nutrition, herbs, meditations and bio-resonant homeopathic medicines that collectively work to provide the body with the nutrition it needs and the physical and energetic balance required, to overcome issues of assimilation or symptoms of ailments. While most medicine systems concentrate on manifested molecules alone, we work across the conscious spectrum of the human experience by bringing balance across the inter-related field of mind body and emotions.

Our founding principles stated that we would measure our success in lives improved and not dollars earned. We also decided to put people first and never turn away a patient based on their ability to pay for a service. Everyone receives the same product and services regardless of whether they pay 1 dollar or 100! We plan to launch the new version of our site with no suggested prices and the option to donate whatever one is comfortable with. Our marketing strategy is to help one person the best we can, knowing that they will then recommend ten more to us.

8 years, 30,000 patients and many testimonials later we can say that our project is a success. Over 65% of orders come from direct referrals and almost every single day we receive another letter of thanks. Clinical trials performed on our products and their ingredients have also been a success. Yet our impact on the gigantic medical industry is minuscule and we continue in our mission to give natural medicine the place it deserves on this planet. We believe that we can be successful at this in this information age where more and more people are getting comfortable with the idea of seeking medical research and advice online.

Natural Medicine seldom gets the attention it deserves and most Dr's in western countries are forced to write prescriptions for patented synthetic drugs that are FDA approved whilst ignoring natural supplements and herbs, which were used to create those very synthetic drugs. Doctors can prescribe valium all day long but may loose their license for writing valerian on a piece of paper even though they may personally feel that Valerian, a natural plant with molecules similar to Valium, may suit the patient better and have fewer side effects. Our mission was to change this bias based on the training of the practitioner and offer a healing service that offered relief without the confines of modalities. We also well understand how patent laws coupled with FDA approval costs have led us to a world where patented maintenance therapies are the class of products that receives most drug approvals. At one point we did receive an FDA warning letter that had issues with our associating Ayurvedic Herbs and Homeopathic Medicines with ailments. This matter was duly resolved. Homeopathics are regarded as medicines and most FDA authorities require them to be labeled with a condition. Ayurveda although considered medicine in India is not considered medicine in most of the west. Hence we stepped away from associating Ayurvedic products with ailments on the web. We moved over to a model where we would not make any claims and instead point customers to research on every ingredient for their condition. Google Scholar serves as an excellent resource for our customers and their Doctors to get all the relevant information on a product in an unbiased manner. They can then exercise their freedom to choose between the various options available to them.

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