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There are web design companies and online marketing agencies, but the need of most clients today is an integrated solution to challenges of a sustainable web presence. Merely having a website is no longer enough and trying to market an existing website does not always result in marketing results.

The need for a web presence rather than a website is especially true for first time adopters of the web. When businesses build their first website, they do not just need a website. They also require their website to promote their business online by being visible to potential visitors when they do relevant searches.

Understanding the need of a changing and growing market place, Flying Cow Design, aprofessional website designfirm has announced its end-to-end web presence solutions. The complete web presence solution from Flying Cow Design includes branding and logo design, and a range of services including domain name registration, hosting, website design, ecommerce (where needed) and online marketing services.

The Flying Cow Design suite of web presence services is designed to firmly establish a whole new online customer base or audience, depending on the need.

"The pain point for most customers is that none of us likes to talk to multiple companies for our needs" says Peter Brown, founder and CEO of Flying Cow Design Studio, the leadingNew York Web Designcompany. "While there are many web design companies that claim to deliver more than a website, very few—if any—have been able to identify customer needs right from the stage of branding and logo design. Very few companies today have the ability to take the customer's brand identity consistently in delivering a sustainable online presence for customers. Those who do are extremely large agencies that charge a fancy fee most first time web adopters cannot afford. This is a growing niche that Flying Cow Design has been serving for years."

"When we first spoke to Flying Cow Design, we were aware that we didn't just need a website. We needed a partner who would understand our business personality and translate it into a meaningful web presence", says Kristi Yokley, founder and CEO ofCustomized Write, "and Flying Cow Design more than delivered on the promise. Every time I hear a friend or business associate say -- this website is so you -- I send a silent thank you to Flying Cow Design."


Flying Cow Design Studio is a professional website design servicescompany with a presence across multiple metros of USA. Flying Cow Design has grown through the dot com implosion as a design studio specializing in web design, flash design, ecommerce design and online marketing services. The Web Presence solutions just launched by Flying Cow Design is a continuation of the company's commitment to delivering end-to-end solutions to all their customers' online presence needs.

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