Canadian Petrol Sands * Who Are the main Players

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Your Canadian Oil sands signify one of the most profitable investment the opportunity to oil and gas investors. With a reserve life of Thirty five - 50 years the Petrol sands might be a major source of crude oil to the years to come along with a dramatic affect crude oil rates. From a venture capitalist perspective it's valuable to understand who the key players come in the Canada Oil sand. Below are Four of the key players inside the Canadian Petrol sands.


Syncrude is the planets largest producer of oil from Petrol sands, inside 2005 Syncrude creates 78.2million barrels regarding crude oil in the oil beaches. Syncrde is currently doing the Syncrude 21 years of age project that is expected to improve Syncrudes oil production from the Alberta Petrol sands to 350,500 barrels each day. Syncrude spends over $40 million dollars on study and boost an attempt to discover more efficient solutions to obtain crude oil from the Oil sands. Thirty-two per cent of Syncrude can be owned by the actual Canadian Oil Sands Believe in, 25% by Imperial Petrol, 12 % by simply Petro Canada along with the remainder by other oil and gas companies.

Petro Canada

Petro Canada's oil sands strategy is to develop the business viably through phased along with integrated development of this world-class reference. Petro-Canada is smartly positioned to be able to capture entire value via Alberta's oil glass beads - the greatest such deposits in the world. Petro North america possesses significant lease holdings inside the Alberta oil glass beads in additiona in order to owning a big refinery in the Edmonton place which is along the way of being changed to process Petrol sands feedstock exclusively. Petro Canada possesses a 12% curiosity about Syncrude, 100% ownership from the MacKay River Petrol sands venture. Petro Canada is a 55% owner in the Fort Hills oil sands project in which they plan to develop an estimated 2.Eight billion kegs of bitumen. Total oil sand reserves tend to be estimated at 5 thousand barrels.


Synenco Power Inc. was incorporated throughout 1999 to obtain and create oil sand resources within the Athabasca region associated with Northern Alberta. Considering that its inception, Synenco has advanced steadily towards its objective of building oil glass beads mining, bitumen removal and improving facilities, together called the N . Lights Venture. The impartial best appraisal of the Northern Lights Project's resources is 1.49 billion drums of in-place bitumen.

Throughout May June 2006, Synenco created the Upper Lights Relationship (NLP) using SinoCanada Petroleum Firm, the Canadian subsidiary involving China primarily based Sinopec. Synenco holds a 60% interest in and is the controlling partner regarding NLP. The present cost of the actual NLP task is $5.Three billion. When fully operational the NLP is expected to make 100,000 barrel every day of light fairly sweet synthetic crude oil, with first production from late The year of 2010.

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