Cleaning Program Stations with a Pressure Washer

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Energy prices nowadays are quite substantial and they get their toll on the service company. It is time to hit back. Should you own a cleaning business that uses stress washers why not clean services stations and obtain some of your money back as you shell out $2.30 per gallon regarding fuel? Service stations are usually franchise companies and have sanitation commitments in their franchise deals with the essential oil companies that they sign on along with. This means they have no selection they must retain their filling stations spiffy. Currently together with unemployment prices so low 5% on average several stations will not have the extra labour needed to conserve the cleaning.

Our organization, The Car Scrub Guys, create an industrial department specializes in gas station steam cleaning. We have cleaned countless such company accounts and carried out business with individual station owners. If you are in a pressure washing company you can clear anything with your steam cleaners. For brand spanking new or one moment cleaning you should be sure to charge more than usual so be thinking inside neighborhood of those prices for one time providers; Lift Holders $10.00; Bathrooms $15.00; A pair of Car Garages $20.Double zero; Islands $65-100.Double zero; Car Wash Wall space $75.00; Carwash Brushes $30.00 and unique bid quotations asphalt area. For every three months services you will see that things are almost as dirty as though they were by no means washed in any way. For monthly services take into account charging within the neighborhood regarding 80% of these rates and for bi-monthly solutions on a routine schedule 60 %. These prices for over most concrete locations should include cover cleaning.

What is actually really great about your service is it can easily be personalized to the corporate needs and you will sign on 20-40 programs at once. Our company has been required to clean signs, roofs, sidewalks, even wax and gloss pumps. Along with general maintenance and servicing more customers will want to obtain their energy at your customer's station as an alternative to competitors since it is so thoroughly clean. Your customers could even receive awards from their urban centers and oil companies to have the nicest stations. We understand of a pair of stations, which received proclamations from their State Senator. You have to be sure to warn your client right away that your particular company furthermore maintains a 1 million dollar liability insurance policy and possesses all the makes it possible for for enviromentally friendly wastewater discharge. Happy Washing.

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