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Slip or even trip mishaps maybe observed by several as a humorous event but these figures show how slips and journeys in the workplace may have catastrophic effects:

2 individuals suffer dangerous injuries operate every year because of slips and trips

Slips and journeys account for over 34% of all main injuries on the job

Following 20% involving injuries a staff will be absent from work with over 72 hrs

Accidents on the job cost workers a massive £368 thousand per year throughout lost creation and other expenses

Most slip and trip injuries exist in the food and drink, restoration of consumer goods as well as vehicle industries. However, all sorts of workplace along with industry are influenced by this type of injuries with most slides occurring because of poor housekeeping services. Solutions to the problem are often basic and cost-effective and include:


Effective management systems in position can identify risks and also goals can be set to make improvements. This can include choosing equipment and also work methods that contain get and vacation hazards and if possible avoid them occurring.


Acquiring workers involved with and dedicated to reducing pitfalls is a great approach to help reduce risks. This can require giving people obligations to make sure that aspects of the workplace tend to be kept safe. It is also vital that you make sure most staff members know who is to blame for each location.


Keep records for cleaning, maintenance as well as repair work and also encouraging health and basic safety practices will also go some way to help reduce chance.

Monitor along with Review

Preserve an accident e-book and look at it on a regular basis to find out from situations that have occurred. This way you can view what come about, why it takes place, identify developments and make suggestions for improvements.

Analyze slip as well as trip pitfalls

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend any multi action way to cope with risk management when dealing with fall and getaway risks including looking for hazards around the office such as bumpy floors, following cables along with areas that are sometimes smooth due to spillages. They also suggest you should also determine who might be harmed and how including not only staff by visitors to your working environment.

Another action includes taking into consideration the risk and deciding no matter whether you already have measures to deal with the dangers and saving your results if you have Your five or more members of staff.

Finally, the actual HSE suggest a regular review simply by undertaking a danger assessment and when any changes take place be sure that precautions come in place to handle the risks.


Communicating details of risk management to staff and having systems in place to cope with accidents is essential. People in change of health and safety need to make sure your key staff know that to contact in the eventuality of an accident taking place whilst ensuring that tools to aid communication come in place.

Modern businesses which includes factories are perfect for communication methods like Two Way Radios and also Walkie Talkie's. Not only do these kinds of allow business people and employees to keep up-to-date but they may also save organizations money while once the mobile has been purchased there are no local rental or call charges.

Two Way Radios that happen to be ideal for the workplace include the exceptional Kenwood TK-3201 Radio the robust, transportable and remarkably reliable means for business to remain in touch and turn into safe. Two Way Stereo Technology that is available from companies Apex Radio Systems Ltd is utilized by educational institutions, factories, educational institutions and leisure time centres to but a few along with the reason why happens because two way receivers like the Kenwood TK3201 provides them with an affordable and also highly effective interaction system.

Lowering and managing injuries at work is vital and also by following these pointers and taking advantage of we have that is now available the workplace can be a safer position than ever before.

Pinnacle Radio Techniques Ltd are the United kingdoms's Leading Vendors of Radio Communication Products including Two-way Radios for all types of business including Schools, Cafes, Shopping Centres, Retailers and Taxi Companies.

As the UK's Fastest Increasing Radio Marketing communications company, Height Radio Methods Ltd, are productive supporters regarding schemes such as Shop Watch, Pub View and College Safe which usually all make use of 2 Approach Radio Techniques to help increase safety and also communication among UK retailers, pubs, golf clubs, schools, colleges.

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