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Great Business Critiques is on top of the edge of releasing their new software, that they claim will change web marketing and advertising. The Program is known as Paigham Bot. The software functions by following owner question to obtain sites that understand just what an user of the software inputs. Following the software confirms the websites, it then sends our web sites any sort of custom message by filling away their contact forms and additionally submits this custom message to the websites.

Besides just being a contact form submitter, the software also offers data-mining capability to collect social account information for further marketing. The marketing application also collects email addresses from all the sites, so an user can dispatch follow up messages directly to the websites that it approached.

Beta testers are really reporting a rise in lead age bracket with skilled reaction speeds, in certain cases reporting some sort of increase of direct website traffic by even more then 500% and additionally a good rise in lead reply pace of greater than 1000%. The gains are plain to see, as well as the software is being full finances of creating our gains.

Paigham Bot is more when compared to a contact form submitter. This application is also a lead generating appliance useful for seo companies, marketing agencies,bloggers and also web entrepreneurs. Anybody which has a message to send with other websites or company with an internet position. The program is capable of getting in contact with 700+ web pages and additionally hr. The can aloow one to mass marketing any brand,service or product in such numbers never ever seen before.

The program is the first application being introduced by Great Business Critiques, though the business has stated so it undoubtedly has got several more marketing applications poised for release in months following Paigham Bots Release. The company is staying very hushed about what this excellent other software is and also what it shall do.

The business has revealed a free demo version of Paigham Bot available for download for free for everyone who is curious in viewing just what this excellent new contact form submitter is focused on. In the 1st twenty four hours of the business releasing the demo variation indeed there was greater than 200 downloads of this particular application and more than 70 marketing agencies signed-up for pre-registration to get early access to the softare when Great Business Reviews produces the complete variation for general public release.

To learn more about this contact form submitter please visit http://www.thecontactformsubmitter.com

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