Council Tax Arrears Recommendations People sustain council tax arrears for a variety of reasons s

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Council Tax Arrears Assistance

People incur council tax arrears for a selection of reasons such as unemployment, condition, breakdown of relationships etc. If you are in the position of having council tax arrears then call your council as rapidly as possible and make an economical payment arrangement.

The Local Authority will normally need the defaults to be settled within the financial year which runs from April to March. If you can not pay the council tax arrears within that time period then you need to work out an economical month-to-month quantity and send this to the council.

Assurance you are paying the appropriate amount of council tax, and you might possibly be entitled to a rebate or a reduction of your council tax if you live alone or are the only specific accountable for the council tax.

If you look after somebody who has a disability or you are a complete time-carer you might potentially get a decrease in your council tax. If somebody in your home has an extreme psychological problems such as Alzheimer's condition or extreme memory difficulties a reduction can be offered.

Council Tax Arrears Assist

If you can't pay your council tax arrears the council will ask the regional magistrates' court for a liability order.

You will be sent out a summons by the court mentioning the date and time of the court hearing, the council will consist of expenditures to the amount you owe for the liability order.

If you have no chances of paying the council tax arrears still call your Council and discuss your circumstance with them to see if a spending plan friendly payment schedule can be made which is suitable to both sides. It is essential that you attempt to keep in contact with the Neighborhood Authority concerning this financial obligation.

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