Council Tax Bailiffs are normally private firms who collect Council Tax Defaults on behalf of the Ne

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Council Tax Bailiffs are normally private companies who collect Council Tax Arrears on behalf of the Local Authority. These companies try to take your items and offer them, typically at auction to raise money to pay the debt in full.

From October 1998 all bailiffs including Council Tax Bailiffs must be certificated which means they have to obtain a certificate from the county court which permits them to handle the responsibilities of a bailiff.

When a Council Tax Bailiffs attends your home NEVER welcome them into your home under any scenarios and if they ask to get in, REFUSE THEM ENTRY.

Council Tax Bailiffs Assist

If they mention they are one of the Council Tax Bailiffs ask them to reveal their recognition and proof they are certified with the letterbox. You can additionally check if the Council Tax Bailiffs are accredited by going online as there is a register of accredited bailiffs, visit www.certificatedbailiffsjustice.gov.uk

Prior to Council Tax Bailiffs are instructed you need to get a letter from your Neighborhood Authority notifying you of how much you owe and a warning stating one of the Council Tax Bailiffs will attend your home if the debt is not settled within 14 days.

If you get this letter then call the council immediately and make a repayment plan, when the payment plan is in location a stop will be put on the Council Tax Bailiffs attending your house.

Can Council Tax Bailiffs Force Entry?

If the Council Tax Bailiffs have not entered your residence before to collect the debt, they have no legal right to come in. They can not break in. UNDER NO OCCASIONS LET THEM IN.

Do not let the Council Tax Bailiffs into your residence, do not open your door as they can try to push past you and if they get inside your home they may have the right to get in once more and also could break in to take your items.

Ensure that all doors are securely locked and all windows are shut as Council Tax Bailiffs can legally walk through an unlocked door or climb through an open window without invitation from the property owner and it would be considered as'peaceful entry'. Council Tax Bailiffs can not break in to take goods they have actually only seen through a window so UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES LET THEM IN.

Some Council Tax Bailiffs leave a telephone number for you to call them back and once you talk to them they arrange to visit you to have a chat. This is merely a technique to get entry inside your property. DO NOT let them into your house.

Council Tax Bailiffs must not enter with a secured gate but if they gain access to your yard they can take goods in the yards so at no time leave any valuables in your garden area.

The Council Tax Bailiffs can levy and seize any of your vehicles parked on the driveway or road near your residence so if you recognize a bailiff see park your vehicles away from your home. They nevertheless can not levy on automobiles which are not had by you or automobiles on hire acquisition or lease.

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