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DOOH Digital Signage Enclosure USA has a proven record in manufacturing protective digital signage enclosures to the digital signage sector throughout the world. It seems that they are the only digital signage enclosure manufacturer who has a mobile optimised website.

Graham Gallagher CEO saw an opportunity as most of the digital signage installers and designers use mobile devices during their working today, so to make life easier Graham decided to have a mobile optimised website built sure that people can view their website on smartphones and iPads easily and a lot more effective than trying to view a desktop website on a more about device. This success has resulted in a 15 per cent rise in inquiries that have been tracked on the mobile website and these enquiries have resulted in a nine per cent increase in sales.

DOOH LCD Enclosure USA have many successful projects in the last 12 months including the London 2012 Olympics, BARTS by San Francisco transit authority, Hawaiian airlines as well as supplying several international hotel groups with indoor and outdoor interactive kiosks.

Graham stated, "that the new mobile website ensure is that the website visitors have a more pleasurable experience without the hassle of scrolling in and out to find the information they need. As we are in the communication industry, I feel it is only right that we stay ahead of the game with technology and this is what separates us from our competitors."

DOOH LCD Enclosure USA have also have developed an App that works on all popular tablet devices that have an Internet connection, this way the small store or outlet can display digital advertising in a unique and interactive way whilst at the same time delivering an extremely unaffordable solution without having to purchase expensive hardware.

DOOH LCD Enclosure USA has opened a distribution centre in Sydney Australia to compliment the distribution centre in New Jersey USA. From these locations the standard stock items can be shipped immediately and the goods can be with a customer and on site within less than 5 working days. They digital signage enclosures have been used in many transit applications throughout the world including: America, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Germany, France and Sweden.

Their stock of digital signage housings is ideal for any commercial advertising use in areas that have extreme weather temperatures and the possibility of vandalism. They also produce a range for home use so that backyard TV’s are kept safe and secure from potential theft or vandalism.

They are also offer a range of non-loop or sloping sided enclosures that have got U.S. Federal Mental Health Approval for use in psychiatric facilities and RE somewhere near secured approval for correctional facility usage.

There protective housings protect screens from 17 inch up to a huge 108 inches, DOOH USA by the only manufacturer to offer protective solutions to 108 inches.

You can check out their product range on their regular site or why not check it on your smartphone or iPad at DOOH USA

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