Don't Purchase The Intel Core i7 3970X Before Reading This Critique

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Just about each household today owns a couple of pcs. Along with the growing demand for computers is also the increasing need for a cpu. Throughout the last quarter of 2012, Intel launched its latest processor chip, the 'Intel Core i7 3970X. This excellent processor is a part of the 'Core i7-3000 family group that makes use of the 'Sandy Bridge-E' Technology. The previous 'Intel Core i7 3960X, along with the 'Intel Core i7 3970X share the same affordability. This particular processor is sorted beneath the 150 W desktop component.

Overview Of The Intel Core i7 3970X

The 'Intel Core i7 3970X is made up of a 6 core processor chip along with A dozen threads. With the use of the Turbo Boost Technology, the 'Intel Core i7 3970X will offer your pc a speed of 3.5GHz to up to 4GHz. For this processor, you'll have a memory space size up to 64 GB, although, there is absolutely no EEC memory support. Additional features from the 'The Intel Core i7 3970X range from the following: Intel Virtualization Technology, Idle States, 'Intel Virtualization Technology' for Directed I/O, AESNew Instructions, Intel 64, Thermal Monitoring Technologies, Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology, Intel VT-x with extended page tables, and Execute Disable Bit.

The Cons Of The Intel Core i7 3970X

But just like other processors, the 'Intel Core i7 3970X also has its share of negative aspects. One of which is that Intel does not ship LGA 2011 processors with a cooler. In order to have a cooling system, you'll want to drop out an additional $80. Because the 'Intel Core' i7 3970X possesses the temptation to get very hot, you have to use a cooling system. Your best choice will be the RTS2011AC which is able to take care of the 'Intel Core i7 3970X.

The Judgement

The Intel Core i7 3960X is the previous version of the 3970X, and along with the 3960X, Intel has created the Ivy Bridge. So now folks that are searching for personal computer processor chips out of Intel can pick between the Sandy Bridge E processors along with the Ivy Bridge processors.

Possessing an extra 100MHz of power can produce a big difference, and that's what the 3970X will give you. The Sandy Bridge E 3970X will give you an additional 200MHz of power. This can be wonderful simply because more and more software programs employ a great deal of power. Maxon Cinema 4D, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3ds Max, iTunes, Powerpoint, and much more.

The Intel Core i7 3970X is a great option if you prefer a very powerful, and highly responsive processor that can provide you with your needs. It isn't cheap, costing $1000 this valuable CPU just isn't for most people who use computers, not to mention that you will need extra cooling (for about $100) that does not come with this cpu. Then again, if you are a video game player, or run power demanding software programs, this particular chip is definitely worth the amount.

You can also check out a lot of online reviews for more info about this Intel Core i7 3970X. Under-going such reviews is really worthwhile, as it can certainly enlighten you about this type of chip.

Thanks for reading this write-up about theintel 3970X.

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