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Green business helps American families across the land generate some much needed cash with little effort and help the environment at the same time

January 1, 2013…Sellatronics.com, the online recycling business with a zero landfill policy, offers a way for consumers and organisations to go green and make money at the same time. Sellatronics will find a new home for any old, unused, but still possibly quite valuable, electronic devices and smartphones.

By sending old, unwanted, discarded or broken items into Sellatronics free of charge, households and families across the USA are realizing they can make some easy money with very little effort and make some much needed money too.

Sellatronics will quote a price for any used device regardless of whether it is working or broken, has its original case, documentation and accessories or not; arrange collection free of charge using USPS, assess its value, pay the seller, and then sell on. Purchased items are either re-sold on the open market, sent to developing countries as part of Sellatronics’ philanthropic program, or sold to recyclers for destruction and/or recovery of parts.

Sellatronics, whose mantra is “Re-use, Re-cycle, and Re-commerce” believes that the dangerous chemicals in electronic items such as phones, calculators, old video recorders, games consoles mean they should be recycled, instead of ending up in a dumpster and going to landfill.

In the States, of about 2.2 million tones* of electronic equipment disposed of every year only about 370,000 tonnes are recycled. The largest category of recycled paper goods is newspaper at 89% followed closely by corrugated cardboard at 72%. Lead acid batteries are also a winner, with a whopping 99% being recycled. The good news is major appliances also boast a high recovery rate at 67%, steel cans 63% and aluminum cans 45%.*

The company’s ethical policy makes financial sense. Disposing of items cuts off the owner from any chance of recovering some of the original outlay on the item, or bothering with online auctions such as eBay that take a sizeable percentage of fees as commission and eBay payment charges, often amounting to as much as 20% of the auction value realized.

The process is quick and easy to follow, consumers simply use the online category listings and picture based drop down boxes to find the relevant device and describe it, enter details and generate a quote. If the item is not there, Sellatronics will still be able to value it. The company uses a mixture of industry and sales organisations to find the market value. An offer is sent out within 24 hours when the goods are received and Sellatronics verifies that they are worth what it said in the original quote; if it thinks it varies too much from what was described, a new offer is sent giving the consumer up to 3 days to accept or decline. Broken or damaged goods obviously command a lower value. Money is usually received within seven days, depending on the payment method chosen (cheque or Paypal). If the new quote is rejected, the goods are returned to the owner, at no charge.

Sellatronics started two years ago, since then it has helped over 1,000 consumers to recycle their old equipment. Part of the site’s popularity is down to the fact that the consumer gets paid, regardless of whether or not the equipment sells or not.

Sellatronics passion for its business extends to include a referral program; $10 is paid to the referrer for every $100 worth of goods sold by the person introduced using the Sellatronics’ system.

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