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Numerous rig jobs are exactly like this but there are many other elements of rig function that do not require drilling for oil as well as gas. Some examples would be food catering staff, designers and of course radio operators. You will get jobs in all of the these job areas outside of the coal and oil industry there is however definitely a fiscal incentive for you to working on a new rig. If the rig is actually offshore as well as onshore, the incomes are great.

Let us take a look at the exploration rig work that are available with regard to catering personnel on an acrylic rig. Towards the top of the heap you'll find the job of camp out boss. What this position involves is the full responsibility with regard to catering needs on the rig. If you hold this position you are going to earn the average salary of $55 000. All the catering employees being your chef, stewards and also night baker will are accountable to you directly.

The position of chef may earn you the average salary of $39 000.The particular chef's duty is the day-to-day cooking about the rig. He or she reports straight to the camp boss who will, when needed, help with cooking food duties. The actual chef will have stewards who help him out and about. As a steward you'd probably earn a normal salary which can be between $20 000 and $30 000 and also would be responsible, not only with regard to helping the chefs, you'd must also clean the actual rooms and also manage your laundry.

Finally we get for the position involving night chef. This position may earn you a normal salary associated with $45 000, it appears as if a lot, correct? Well the reason is that the night baker is only responsible for baking the breads for the platform for the next day. To put it mildly, zero camp supervisor wants to explain to a eager roughneck or roustabout why there is no breads available! For this reason the great earnings... it comes with a great responsibility. It is usually a position which is strictly evening to day shift.

Another of the drilling rig work opportunities you may find befits you on an offshore rig, belongs to radio owner. The average income offered with this job is approximately $42 000. You'd probably need a radio stations operator's licence plus your responsibilities includes keeping personnel lists for your rig. The actual role regarding radio owner is best suited to your people's person, mainly because would certainly be the middle of all interaction on the rig. You'd should get on with every person. A cool and calm persona is essential with this role mainly because it involves all of the logistics for emergency methods.

So before you decide to rush off to become a roustabout or even better a roughneck, take the time to examine the skill set. You don't have to actually routine for oil and be permanently outdoors in all weather to acquire one of the exploration rig work. Many of the roles are strictly indoors along with pretty much exactly like working in a normal off-rig job. The only real difference is the amount of money you can make. Why earn a pittance performing an off-rig task, when you can earn loads of funds doing exactly the same job on a rig?

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