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The flyer was the first means of mass communication and is detectable since 1488th The authors were mostly anonymous. However, while today "leaflet" thinks of political pamphlets with the term, what is meant when one of leaflets in the late 15th Century speaks, commercial broadsheets. These commercial flyers like they from myflyer were the "Bild Zeitung" of the late Middle Ages: a commodity produced for making money, offered by barkers and traveling merchants at fairs and in front of church doors, but also in the traditional book trade, wholesale and trade show they were expelled. However, they were not free - in contrast to the currently known protest leaflet. Rather, it is estimated today that the single sheet at least cost as much as a skilled craftsman earned in the city in an hour. Some estimates even from four to five hours. Thus leaflets were almost unaffordable for the simple country folk.

The term leaflet was only in the 18th Century used. First you called this form of publication as "flying font" or "flyleaf".

Great illustrations often took a third of the sheet size, produced with the help of the woodcut technique. Who possessed leaflets, they proudly hung on walls at home, boxes and cabinets. The illustrations were to communicate the message of the leaflet at this time is very important, because only a very small part of the population was literate. They should also incite to purchase. Very popular were pictures of strange animals unknown objects, countries, or monsters. The oldest illustrated pamphlet "thunder stone from Ensishein" (1492), which is not yet known, comes from Sebastian Brant. It represents the impact of a meteorite, which was considered as a harbinger of further misfortune and as a warning to the rulers.

Three themes dominated in the leaflets: sensations and wonders; catechetical instruction and purifications soul consolation and edification and, finally, political and military news and information. The illustrated leaflets also developed the first forms of cartoon [1] and also used often to call to an opinion or to warnings.

The early illustrated broadsheets were so tabloid information media, produced for the purpose of making money. With political agitation they rarely do anything. This changed from the Reformation to 1500th

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