Girl Guides want to eliminate glamour models from papers!

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The controversy about page three girls is one I recall going as far back as when I was a child! The page 3 glamour model started out long ago in 1970 in The Sun paper but is regarded as the common term for partially nude women in all papers. The UK glamour models which feature in some cases have gone on to have good careers not merely as models but as TV celebrities, charity workers as well as other professions. Everyone knows papers like The Sun are targeted at blue collar employees who spend the lunch hour flicking through the paper but the sales statistics suggest they have a much wider crowd!

The Sun is presently Great Britain's most popular paper but that hasn't stopped an ever growing vocal support coming from the 'ban Page 3' campaigners. Feminist organizations country wide are looking to gather enough assistance to have these page three glamour models removed for good! Way back in 2011 a deodorant advertisement starring British glamour model Lucy Pinder was stopped for making ladies seem like objects. Why these groups can't leave these girls alone to do what's making them good money i'll never know, it is not as if they're forced into it.

Whilst the effort to eliminate page 3 girls might be growing, why they decided to get the girl guides on board i'll just never understand. The girl guides starts at 10 years old and finishes at 14, are you telling me these young girls are up to the mark on the most current feminine troubles? The feminist movement in the united kingdom has clearly decided getting the organisers onboard is an ace card, and to be truthful I believe they played the hand well.

What I do find amazing is when people like Diane Abbott stick their noses in! Here is the lady who of course appears to hate almost any British tradition, including glamour models, yet lives off the UK tax payer. I'm sure her own party are even sick and tired of the trash she spouts consistently.

Obviously Diane has a right to an opinion however its no real surprise that a majority of people are on the other side of the + to her. An easy look at Facebook and you will see that a page three ban really isn't a really hot issue! Individuals hoping to see an end to the page 3 glamour model appear set to be disappointed, the backing is minute. I'm yet to locate a Facebook web page exceeding 10,000 followers when it comes to eliminating page 3. If you do not like the page 3 girls do not buy the red tops, we'd like them in! The page three activists can continue a weak attempt at removing them while we get on with our way of life.

Before I end this article I would like to mention I'm not against feminism, I am not against women, I'm against a small minority looking to end precisely what the vast majority still want! And exactly what we would like is glamour models in our papers and mags! If you don't like it don't buy a red top paper. Is it not time you merely picked up a different newspaper and left the glamour models to do the job they do?

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