Gluten Free Eating dinner out - Pizzeria Uno's throughout Calgary restaurant

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We had a large party (11 of us). They allow innovative seating so I called in advance. When we got there, we had to attend about 10 mins. Once sitting down, Jac was given his own menu to look over all associated with his alternatives and choose just what he wanted. The director came to our own table to talk to us along with reassure us that his or her meal can be Gluten Free high would be absolutely no cross toxins issues.

Right after much supposition, Jac made their decision to choose the Gluten Totally free Cheese Pizza. It had been way too long since he'd pizza in the restaurant that they wanted to notice what it sampled like. Average folks ordered your Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza. I became impressed along with how many alternatives there were pertaining to him to choose from.

It was amazing to be in for restaurants atmosphere understanding that Jac did not really feel left out or even different, he or she was going to be eating chicken wings just like everyone else.

Not much extended, all of our meals arrived at once. The boss brought Jac's pizzas to our stand herself to be able to reassure us all once again there were no corner contamination problems. Jac was thrilled to be consuming a normal searching meal combined with rest of us.

The pizza had been fantastic (the two Gluten Free and also Chicago Type Deep Plate)! The service was exceptional and we have been very secure knowing Jac has been getting a Gluten Totally free, safe meal.

We are bound back to Uno's the next time we are in the Calgary restaurant.

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