Health and Fitness Aspects in India

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India has gifted world with endless benefits when it comes to health and fitness. There has been extensive research and 20% drugs in the world are being supplied by India drug industry. The country is the native place for the yoga practitioners and many exotic sciences related to spa, exotic herbs and alternative medicine performing miracles can be easily found in the country. Health and fitness in India has a unique concept and one can find a unique blend of modern science and ancient techniques. Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga are some alternative therapies that are gifted to the world and come directly from India. Surgery was first performed by Indians and Susruta is father of modern surgery. There endless instances that come from the past about the origin of health science and contributions of India.

Despite of these achievements and dwelling biggest drug industry in the world, India lags basic healthcare and awareness about health and fitness due to poverty, political role, corruption and financial aspects. But still health and fitness industry are growing at exponential rate annually.

India is the leading provider of quality drugs, supplements, and weight and power assets. Health & Fitness in India has a mission to provide quality products in nutrition, weight, and sex and relationship products.

India is having thousands of companies in health and fitness working on the development and sale of healthcare products. Everything that is produced in accordance with GMP standard set up by the Indian government.

Health and Fitness in India is mainly divided into four main areas:

·Sales - Healthcare products at competitive prices, high quality

·Production - Producing according to the GMP standard with arctic ingredients

·Development - Is involved in the development of new products in the country i.e. research.

·Business - Business-oriented area that intends to generate finances and employment for the countrymen and businessmen.

Health in recent years has been the fastest growing industry in India and projections show that over the next five years will have even greater need to protect ourselves against the industrial development. In line with these developments and challenges the Indian Health and Fitness industry in India facing the company and its organizational set up specific objectives and strategies for their work over the next seven years. We want, in line with the development of products to follow government GMP Standard. (GMP = Good Manufacturing Practice).

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