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In a slow market with scarce homebuyers, business can be really tough for an estate agent who lives off sales commissions. You can try all sorts of known strategies to sell a home, including discounts and creative selling, but these won’t make much difference in a very bad market. A client running out of patience when no one seems willing to buy his or her home is any estate agent’s nightmare because it means being fired and the task of selling that home being given to another agent. Selling a home sometimes becomes a complex task and many factors can intervene to delay the sale of a property. However, it wouldn’t hurt to introduce your clients to a new strategy that might quicken the sale of their properties. This is using a St Joseph statue to sell a house.

Clients who are not Catholics or are not particularly religious will raise eyebrows at the mention of this idea. The idea of St Joseph selling house is not familiar to many people and so you will have some explaining to do. In essence, St Joseph selling house is a very simple idea; your clients will bury a St Joseph statue – which you can provide to them for free – somewhere in their yards in accordance to the simple instructions that accompany the statues. After burying the statue, all they need to do is pray and have faith that their homes will soon find suitable buyers.

Your clients will wonder just how the idea of St Joseph selling house works. It’s all a question of faith. Faith motivates people to act in certain ways and these actions bring about desired results more rapidly. After they bury a St Joseph statue in their lawns, your clients will have more faith and will hence do more of the things that’ll lead to quicker sales of their homes. For instance, they will talk to more people about their intentions to sell, take better care of their lawns and gardens to attract more potential buyers, and even come up with more creative ways of enticing buyers.

If you sell the idea of St Joseph selling house to your clients they are bound to become more patient with you and contribute more to the sale of the property. St Joseph statue home selling kits are available from www.st-josephstatue.com at very good prices


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St. Joseph Statue sells a variety of statues of religious saints including those of St. Joseph, St. Jude and St. Michael. People who have faith in the saints can use these statues to enhance their faith and gain favor from the saints. The statues are used in various ways such as when selling a home or to protect one’s home.

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