How to protect your business from the internet

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 The internet is becoming increasingly pervasive in modern life it can be found at work and in the home.

  How to protect your business from the internet  How to protect your business from the internet However how much of it do you actually want at work? Is it acceptable for your staff to view facebook, myspace or youtube at work? It could potentially bring your business into disrepute by staff viewing pornography, or perhaps doing actions that compromise the security of your business.

To combat this you should consider creating an internet usage policy , detailing what your business thinks is acceptable. For instance it may be totally acceptable for research purposes but not for reading personal email.

The second thing that you should do is to buy some kind of internet filter so your staff knows that you are serious about controlling the threat of an unrestricted internet on your business. One such internet filter is Talos, which filter internet traffic based on a completely customisable security policy, that can alter what can and can’t be seen to a fine degree.

An internet filter unlike an anti-virus doesn't treat the problem but instead tries to prevent it.                                                             


More information can be found online at http://completeprotectionsystem.co.uk

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