Im In Marketer Introduces Brand New Mobile app for the Heathers Executive Taxi

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I’m In Marketer’s specialized app builders are at it again. Currently, they are designing small business applications with the most current one being the Heathers Executive Taxi app. The taxi company is a reliable service provider for all kinds of functions and has now received an exceptional application from the top name in mobile applications. Now, potential consumers get to interact with them with just a single application.

The Heathers Executive Taxi mobile app from I’m In Marketer has a quick and straightforward design. It is easy to understand with just one glance at the following menus: Contact Us, Around Us, Book It!, and Loyalty. Among these aspects, customers will surely love the Loyalty menu. It offers complete and concise info about how to grab exclusive offers and deals straight from Heathers Executive Taxi application. With just a single tap, users can view how they can get discounts. At present, there are three packages for loyal clients, which range from a 10% to 30% discount on succeeding trips and longer journeys.

Simpler Booking and Communication

When the application is launched, the user will promptly see the contact number of the taxi company. More comprehensive contact information can be found by easily tapping the Contact Us menu. The app will automatically connect with the GPS function of the user’s phone and will match with the location. This is to make sure that the consumer will immediately receive the appropriate site and contact information to use.

If the consumer does not wish to talk over the phone, but prefers to communicate via email, the Contact Us button is the only option to tap. It already includes the email address of Heathers Executive Taxi for a much simpler and faster way to inquire or book.

However, if booking is the main purpose of the consumer when using the app, there is no menu to tap other than “Book It!” This features an intuitive interface where the user can schedule his or her next reservation. The process is decreased to a few taps where the client only needs to select a location, time, and service from the available options. Booking details are provided including the duration of the service and the costs. The transparency makes this an ideal application to control and manage expenses on taxi services.

Currently, Heathers Executive Taxi provides comprehensive services for in- and out-of-town transportation, deliveries, daily pick-ups, and airport transportation. The taxi company boasts economical rates for their transport services and even discounts a flat rate for out-of-state destinations. They are headquartered in St. Augustine, Florida.

More Features

The application allows consumers to register an account so that they can easily keep track of their booked services and schedules. It also offers a much more simplified way of chasing after specials as it instinctively records the consumers’ current and previous transactions with Heathers Executive Taxi.

The Around Us feature gives consumers information on the businesses surrounding Heathers Executive Taxi. The app cleverly exposes nearby restaurants, attractions, and hotels, providing a quick look on what to expect during trips.

About Heathers Executive Taxi

Owned by a businesswoman named Heather, the company provides taxi services in and out of Florida. Drivers are available at any time of the day. Consumers can expect professional and polite staff for a much more enjoyable trip.

You can download the Heather’s Executive Taxi mobile app from the Apple app store at the following link, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heathers-executive-taxi/id642626855?mt=8, or for your Android phone at the following Google Play link, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_exectaxi.layout.

About I’m In Marketer

I’m In Marketer has a group of knowledgeable developers dedicated to providing small corporation apps that can increase profits and help small sized businesses grow. As more and more iPhone and Android users emerge, I’m In Marketer offers small business applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

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