I'm In Marketer introduces new app for Slava Blazer Photography.

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I’m In Marketer is pleased to announce their newest app for Slava Blazer Photography. The mobile app from this iPhone developer is intended for the customers of the renowned photographer who will now have a more convenient experience when accessing information and services from him.

At first glance, the mobile app looks similar to Slava Blazer Photography’s landing page. However, it successfully caters to the needs of on-the-go-clients who simply want the essentials presented to them in a neat and crisp manner. This is how I’m In Marketer delivers as an iPhone developer. They have effectively created an app that does not take up much of the storage space of the users. Instead, they focused on what the photographer offers and how customers can interact with him.

The app has scrollable images with the first one briefly summarizing the services from Slava Blazer Photography: Headshots, Events, Engagements, Models, and Family and Kids. The other images showcase the stunning shots from his portfolio with the last one stating that customers will be 100% satisfied or they can have their money back.

More important than the images displayed on the app are the menu buttons on the app. In this newly launched mobile app, there are four: Contact Us, Booking, Loyalty, and Fan Wall. Obviously, the Contact Us button is where the customers will see how to contact Slava Blazer himself.

I’m In Marketer is an iPhone developer that understands how most of the customers would want to use their app to connect to the photographer. Therefore, this results to a more straightforward access for the clients. They only have to tap on the Contact Us button and their location will automatically be determined – with their consent, of course.

The next button is Booking. As with Contact Us, this is pretty self-explanatory. However, what sets this apart from most other apps out there is that it offers the quickest way to make a reservation. There is a form that needs to be filled out to allow the customers to book for an appointment with Slava Blazer Photography. The form is straightforward; it only asks for the customer’s name, email, and phone number.

There are two other fields with the first one asking the customer to tell Slava Blazer how they found out about Slava Blazer. The last one is for the reservation details such as the number of people and the type of photography. All fields are required except for the email field.

The third button is for faithful customers. Those who often have their photos taken with Slava Blazer can unlock the rewards that come along with their loyalty. There are three virtual coupons to unlock: 10% off on next service, free portrait, and 20% off on event session.

Accessing any of these three requires corresponding number of visits or booking. Finally, the last button is the Fan Wall where customers can post their photos and comments relating to Slava Blazer. Users can interact with one another and share their pleasant experiences.

About Slava Blazer Photography

Slava Blazer is a well-known photographer who focuses in headshots, but he specializes in event, modeling, and commercial photography as well. Unlike other photographers, he can capture emotions so that they will shine right through in the photos. Visit his website for more information:http://www.slavablazer.com/.

You can now download the Slava Blazer Photography mobile app for your iphone at , https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/sb-photo/id661230251?mt=8, and for your Android phone at, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_slavephoto.layout

About I’m In MarketeriPhone Developer

I’m In Marketer is the go-to iPhone developer for small businesses, but they also create apps for Android. They aim to make it easier for customers to access companies, which in return help businesses to gain more customers. Visit their website here:http://iminmarketer.com/.

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