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I’m In Marketer, the trusted name in custom app development, has recently announced the soon-to-be released app for their customer,TamaStrother.Strotheris a distributor of the world renownedOrganoGold products. This is expected to be one of the highly successful small business apps from I’m In Marketer this year.

Just like other small business appsdeveloped by I’m In Marketer, theOrganoGold mobile app comes with an attractive layout and easy to understand menus. The launch of this application for smartphone users validates the meaningful shift of many small business owners from desktop and mobile websites to mobile apps. The two main goals of this particular app are to expandTamaStrother’s distribution ofOrganoGold Coffee and to automate processes especially when it comes to communicating with customers using small business apps. The partnership betweenTamaStrotherand I’m In Marketer has created an excellent mobile app that customers can download into their smartphones.

Notable Features of theOrganoGold Mobile App

Upon opening the app, users will immediately see a huge image ofOrganoGold Coffee along with its famous tagline, “Change your coffee; change your life.” Below the tagline, there are four buttons namely Contact Us, Shop, Distributors, and Events, which are all very self-explanatory.

The Contact Us button gives customers the opportunity to reduce the amount of time and effort they usually exert whenever they wish to communicate withOrganoGold distributors. There is no need to search and confirm that the person they are calling is the right distributor they wish to talk to. Using the app’s Contact Us menu, a single tap will take the customer to the link of the website, a choice of contacting the distributor via email, and obtain the exact location through the power of GPS.

The Shop button is the only item to tap if the user would like to view the availableOrganoGold products. This is also the one place for customers to place an order or recommend the product to their friends via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Back to the app’s home, the third button is for the Distributors. In case the user would like to become one ofOrganoGold’s distributors, a few clicks would take him or her directly to becoming a coffee supplier.

Finally, this app comes with an Events button that obviously lets users know the upcoming events, where they would take place, and the cost, if any. As users scroll through the entire app, one quality is noticeable. Each page is beautifully designed, showcasing neatness and creativity at the same time.

The app is now available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, and it can be downloaded for free. Customers are guaranteed to have a more convenient experience especially when contactingTamaStrotherand placing an order for her products using the app itself.

You can download the Organo Gold mobile app from the Apple app store at the following link, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bogie-cafe-organo-gold/id658339859?mt=8 or for your Android phone at the following Google Play link, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app_tamas.layout


OrganoGold consists of a broad range of products with different types of coffee as their main products. They also sell hot chocolate, tea, vitamins, and toothpastes among many others.TamaStrotheris an authorized distributor ofOrganoGold products. For more information, visit http://www.bogiecafe.organogold.com/http://www/http://www.bogiecafe.organogold.com/.

About I’m In Marketer

I’m In Marketer has established itself as one of the best and fastest growing developers of small business apps. With their immense experience in delivering custom small business apps for small business owners, it is no wonder thatTamaStrotherplaced her trust into the company. For more information about I’m In Marketer, visit their website athttp://iminmarketer.com/.

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