Intel's Core i7 3770K Review

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Considering the wide array of cpus we have in today's market, the Intel Core I7 3770K is probably one of the finest among its group. This is just one of those processors that you have to experience, because there are hardly any words that will fit the abilities that this product has to offer. Not only this, but it very well could be among the best performers regarding socket types. In here is a more in-depth Intel Core I7 3770K overview for you to be properly guided on how you can possibly gain from this amazing multi functional design.

The Processor's Abilities and Technical Aspects

The i7 3770K has a clock speed of 3.50GHz and it operates using 4 cores as well as 8 threads. In addition to that, it offers clock reaching for up to 2700k and comes on an enormous 8MB L3 shared cache. Along with the two storage channels that are included with this Intel Core I7 3770k, supporting 32GB of memory space would never be a dilemma.

The process of this Intel has also been reduced from 32nm to 22nm. When combined with the HD graphics upgrade, you will notice very defined, and at times unbelievable graphics. The HD graphics 4000 comes in four execution units ending up with a total of 16 units that work well along with the service of Direct X 11.

Improved Clocking Performance

This is achieved due to the reduction to 22nm transistors, which also lowers power usage concurrently.

Significantly, the built in K series chip that comes with this Intel also paved the way for unlocking the multiplier, which resulted to an increase of 63 CS. With this, the clock speed was able to be enhanced to a degree of 6.3 GHZ.

Thanks to the dynamic frequency adjustment on this desktop processor, you will notice an increase clocking speed as well as the ability to regulate the clock speed will be must handier (depending on the application you're using).

Final Thoughts

With this Intel Core I7 3770K review, we've been able to give a highlight on the fact that the 3770K is the newest addition to the family of Ivy Bridge. And with all the new innovations added to this processor like a 22nm transistors, HD graphics 4000, and a multi-thread performance, it would be safe to say that the I7 3770k is indeed today's fastest and most functional CPU among its other contemporaries.

To end this Intel Core i7 3770K review is a thought coming from a couple of gratified consumers of this model. The first one is Antony S. According to him, this particular Intel processor is a living proof that low price does not necessarily mean poor calibre. For him, the Intel Core i7 3770k is a price for high quality purchase, and he stands by the fact that this processor chip is something that you will never regret purchasing. Another one is by Tyler S. According to Tyler, the 3770K is an excellent processor chip, and comes straight out of the box with no overclocking. Windows experience awarded this cpu a rating of 7.7, and the installation was very easy to do. Tyler also agrees that this processor is the best performer on its socket type, and that it's one of the best processors currently available.

Thank you for looking over this critique for the i7 core 3770K. Whenever you would like to check out a lot more processor reviews, check out our online site Best Cpu Reviews.

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