InventHelp Client Patents 'Super Sweep' - Invention Could Help Create a Clean Environment in Seconds

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InventHelp(R), America's largest inventor service company, announces that one of its clients, an inventor from North Dakota, has designed a vacuum accessory that would minimize the time and effort needed to operate a standard vacuum. This invention is patented and a prototype is available.

The Super Sweep would enable a user to clean more efficiently. This vacuum device would prevent a vacuum nozzle from sticking to a floor due to suction force during operation. Designed for do-it-yourself and commercial use, the invention could improve the overall appearance of a floor.

The invention would consist of a vacuum attachment featuring a set of wheels integrated onto its side. The hard rubber wheels would allow the attachment to be raised ΒΌ inch off of the floor and then would be attached onto the cleaning tube of a standard or wet/dry vacuum through its cylindrical extension. After attachment, the user would simply roll the unit across the floor to clean the desired area.

InventHelp(R) is attempting to submit the invention to companies for review. If substantial interest is expressed, the company will attempt to negotiate for a sale or royalties for the inventor. For more information, telephone Dept. 05-TKG-5096 at (800) 851-6030. Learn more about InventHelp(R) and their Invention Submission services here http://www.inventhelp.com/contactform.asp

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