Jakarta Miniature Park

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An intensive park to get a glimpse of the diverseness in the Indonesian archipelago, it represents Indonesia's provinces and their excellent characteristics, reflected most strikingly inside the exact regional architecture of the province. It has its own personal orchid garden wherein hundreds of Indonesian orchid varieties are grown. There is also a bird park with a stroll-in aviary, a fauna museum and recreational grounds having a swimming pool and restaurants of exclusive interest here at Taman Mini would be the Museum Indonesia. A richly decorated creating in Balinese architecture, it houses contemporary arts crafts and classic costumes from the various regions of your country.

Aceh Pavilion

The fully engraved Aceh conventional building is the unique house of Reduce Mutiah, an Aceh nationwide hero who opposed colonialism. Although the household is in excess of 130 a long time previous, it still stand strongly as it was earlier than. The property is held by wood nails palm fiber strains. The entrance door uniquely located on the flooring and opens inward

North Sumatera Pavilion

4 conventional houses are introduced right here. The Batak Toba property may be the substantial and engraved residence in crimson, white and black. The Batak Karo home is distinctive of its triangular roofing. The Nias houses is in type of a ship, simply because Nias houses are originally discovered together the shore or river. there may be also the Simalungun classic house.

Riau Pavilion

Riau Pavilion presents three special traditional houses every single with its unique typical style and design. Lipat Kijang home incorporates a flat roof, Lontik household is in type of a ship and also the magnificent. The exhibited elephant statute and Oil drill portray the success of the province.

West Sumatra Pavilion

The West Sumatera Pavilion can be a complex of classic houses, namely RUMAH GADANG, Balairung and Surau, each and every capabilities because the main residence, meeting hall and area for Minang youths to pray. The substantial property which stands above pillars with palm fiber roof covering looks even typical aided by the buffalo horn like top. The property it self is painted with vivid shades.

Jambi Pavilion

Jambi was the center of Melayu culture, as reflected from the form of the traditional houses that is named Rumah Betiang. The typical Melayu house stands above pillars and consists of eight elements. The aspect under the property was initially for animal breeding. The characteristic of Jambi pavilion could be the substantial swan -like ship, Kajang Lako, which inside the previous was the motor vehicle of Jambi kings.

Bengkulu Pavilion

The pepper creating province presents 4 regular houses as the major buildings. A single is a unit with the home of your nobility and also the others are that from the common individuals. The three houses are developed over pillars. It is in this province where the scarce Rafflesia giant is located.

South Sumatra Pavilion

You will discover 3 classic architectural variations presented in the pavilion of south Sumatra. Limas, Ulu and Rakit houses. Limas will be the home which floor has numerous stages as to reflect the nobility rank from the dwellers. Ulu can be a product from the houses of South Sumatran common people who are living inside mainland. Rakit home, which is usually damaged down and rebuilt, would be the dwelling location of people that are living along the river.

Lampung Pavilion

The Lampung Pavilion presents two regular houses, Nowou Balak a chief towns home, and Nowo Sesat - a meeting hall. Exhibited inside Nowou Balak is Pepadun which may be the seat in the chief village. Over the roofing in the Nowou sesat terrace would be the grandeur umbrellas in shade of white, yellow and crimson, and for the pillars are two image of Garuda, which use have been long regarded in such a area.

DKI Jakarta Pavilion

Jakarta, staying the main city of Indonesia, can be a metropolitan city with has the most rapid price of the improvement in Indonesia. Foreigners and ethnic types are living inside city so the feeling of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) is obviously reflected. The principal building in the DKI Jakarta pavilion may be the base with the Nationwide Monument, the image of Jakarta. The 2 levels making exhibited the dwelling method of living the Betawi people today inside the previous and current

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