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Have a serious cardiac rhythm problem and trying alternative and complementary strategies to help? help? If so, the chances are you may be told by your conventional doctor and even family and pals that these therapies are "quackery" and you have to entirely rely on Large Pharma drugs or surgery. However, information from an international cardiology convention could ideally change these outdated opinions about treatments like acupressure mats and yoga. The possibly significant part of acupressure was disclosed at EuroHeart Attention Congress in Glasgow. An outline was introduced that told how acupressure, with pharmacological treatment, can work to reduce both blood pressure and heart prices in AF patients.

"Among the general aims of remedy for AF is decreasing heart rate because large and unusual heart rates may lead to emboli developing and outcome in stroke," said Professor Ozlem Ceyhan, a nurse trainer.

"One thing that was really notable in our study was that we failed to find that any individuals in the intervention team had further attacks of AF during hospital, compared to hundreds of patients in the placebo team, implying acupressure might be preventing further assaults," Professor Ceyhan said.

The sixty patients taking part in the analysis were randomly split into two teams, with half receiving acupressure treatment on certain acupressure points, and the other 30 in a placebo group that received a "sham" process - where an acupressure apparatus was attached but was not activated to use pressure. For patients in the group receiving acupressure, there was a notable reduction in blood pressure and pulse rate, in contrast to the patients in the placebo group who failed to receive acupressure.

In the study, Professor Ceyhan investigated the consequences of using acupressure as a treatment for patients in hospital for persistent AF.

"In these scientific studies both acupressure and meditation are decreasing pulse rate, which will have a really beneficial effect. Moreover, both approaches have the advantage of being easy to manage and cost effective, without serious side effects."

The researcher said acupressure was a simple approach that AF patients can easily do themselves at home, providing health benefits since it could lower the amount of AF strikes. Her staff is currently exploring how acupressure might work in controlling sinus cycle.

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