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Plug-ins are everywhere you go from the online market flooding some blogging platforms.0 sites like Wordpress. A lot of them have actually resulted to getting slow page speeds and longer loading sites. On their newest video released, LeanMeanMarketing.com CEO Andrew Hiddleston talks about an item he and his company have used for the regular basis to clone up a website and make it all all set - the WPTwin review.

WP Twin can be a Wordpress cloning utility. It is employed to quickly clone then deploy Wordpress installation. One amazing aspect to note about it is its usability. It literally takes seconds to process and doesn’t require any setup of a database.

Hiddleston recalls what he liked about this is its PHP functionality. One can possibly use its small PHP script and upload it straight away to the server.The method was explained Hiddleston as common. The script should have to become uploaded in the server with uploading and cloning taking pretty much 5 seconds. With this let's begin our http://www.leanmeanmarketing.com/clone-your-wordpress-blog-with-1-click.

WP Twin is often a PHP script and isn't a plug-in from Wordpress. Hiddleston emphasizes, “That means you do not need to upload or install it (WP Twin) in Wordpress. That, is really a primary reason why I like this out of all the possible cloning utilities and cloning softwares that are on the market mobile phone . Wordpress blogs or almost any websites.”

With that being said, you don’t should concern yourself with any installations or crowding the Wordpress account.

Hiddleston furtherly assesses, ”One from the great purposes of WP Twin is if you might be flipping websites. Commemorate delivering and deploying websites with a new server or a customer absolutely simple, you do not get an easier way to do it by using this tool. An excellent thing about WP Twin is it produces a back-up of your SQL database; it truly is really a clone of the entire Wordpress installation.”

“If you need to turn to another server or you have sold your website and you're simply transferring it to a buyer, it makes the transfer process super basic and the deployment process even easier. There is no need to put together any databases or anything prefer that, you literally use the script to really make the back-up and it includes a second script to deploy. It literally takes 5 seconds to clone, 5 seconds to deploy and you're simply done.”

“WP Twin possesses its own flaws too.” Hiddleston admitted. “It’s more essential to note though, could it be has no scheduler. Because there is nothing being uploaded to Wordpress, you don't have scheduling features so that you must manually clone the blogs.”

Lastly, he shares, “If you are looking for a simple strategy to back-up your blog, flipping websites, selling websites or just looking for something easy and you prefer to clone your blog post and make back-ups from it and do not want to get restricted using a lot of settings of clone jobs and all the other things you must do, I would recommend you take a look at our full http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJK-PWC9PlU. I prefer it for merely every single thing on my own websites i have been using it without any issues for more than 1 . 5 years.”

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