Mattresses should be replaced every 10 years?

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A good night's sleep at the appropriate mattress is just a dream for many people. Insomnia and sleep disorders are not uncommon. In addition to stress or worries mattresses can also be triggered by poor sleep. Mattresses are ideal if they can adapt to the body and the body shape. Sleep is important for us humans, even life-sustaining. Because during sleep the body can recover from the stresses of everyday life, recharge your batteries. However, a bad sleeping position can cause insomnia as well as physical pain, such as back pain. Also problems with the discs (herniated disc), muscle tension or painful pressure points by sleeping can possibly be avoided by choosing the right mattress.

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping people. Good sleep is the prerequisite for the physical and mental well-being. And as you make your bed, so often feels too often the back. Poor and lumpy mattresses can increase back pain, relieve with good support characteristics.

When you buy a new mattress like from multiflex-schlafkomfort after 10 years, but at the same time you should clarify whether the old slatted mattress is suitable for the new. Sometimes, certain mattresses need very special slats. Also you look closely at the rust, yes, the slats can wear out.

Every person is per night up to 1 liter of liquid. Even the best mattress should be changed for hygiene reasons within seven to ten years.

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