Moving Oilfield Tool Management To the 21st Century Together with Wireless Engineering

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The oil and coal industry is probably the most capital extensive sectors from the global economic system, and any recovery time caused by gear failure as well as simple regimen maintenance has a very high price - $7 per second. This particular high cost mandates that the right products are on hand on the right time. You can find certainly security and regulatory concerns that must be happy, but the commercial cost of building a mistake can easily run into the particular millions of dollars.

Maintaining control over property management has become a challenge which requires a 24/7 way of ensure that rigs, generators, pumps, tankers, tugs, provide vessels, heavy equipment, vehicles and shore-based products are all within the right place at the correct time and produce high supply performance.

Tool tracking making use of traditional administration techniques is laborious as well as inefficient, with many different management reports little more than intelligent guesswork. Figuring out where important equipment and also supplies are generally is only part of the process, with complying and regulating needs in addition placing needs on tools availability. Just how can oilfield managers fully realize that the tools they are aiming to utilize has transpired all protection inspections which is fit for the exact purpose they want to put it?

Gps device & RFID Solutions Merge with the Web

GPS and RFFID have made a number of penetration to the oil & fuel asset administration field, nevertheless these solutions usually tell you in which or such a single resource is; there's no unified canceling which allows that you control your possessions in a alternative fashion.

Enter the ubiquitous Web and the web.

By combining GPS/RFID tracking engineering with a web-based interface which actively tracks and supplies scheduling details as well as checking compliance, basic safety and servicing information, administrators are lastly able to see up-to-date info on the state of asset availability.

Businesses can now deal with their property availability and also deployment with a few clicks of an mouse. They're able to ensure that important equipment is taken care of properly as well as safely, whilst ensuring asset security. As one example, it is now easy to arrange for banners to be collection to advise of imminent safety and maintenance inspections, with email messages being shipped to managers along with operators in order to first work as reminders and after that as alerts.

Many viewers will be acquainted with the use of wi-fi networks to be used with their laptop, Blackberry as well as PDA; even so the same wireless technology can be applied to monitor along with report on pump motor seals, generators, pipeline data and much more.

Complying and aspects important along with the fines along with implications for not being able to show compliance tend to be well-known, especially through those who have ever fallen foul of the regulations. By using the internet, it is also easy to instantaneously see the documentation and discover the audit trail which works into having the ability to certify assets have handed down inspection and also compliance specifications are being witnessed. Being able to record compliance is actually as important as getting compliant, as well as the ability to look at logs, basic safety and servicing records and then for any other records such as licenses and historic records can be a powerful management tool.

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