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Paul Houghton believes a business is like a very small fish – plankton even – in the gigantic ocean of the Internet. But you can be sure that if negative info and poor reviews get out about your business, your potential customers will have homing beacons to find it. You simply can’t afford not to manage the online reputation of your small business, so here are some tips.

Stay in the Loop

It might go without saying, but you can’t manage your online reputation if you have no idea what’s being said about you. You have to stay in the loop if you have any hopes of nipping bad buzz in the bud. Depending on the size of your small business, this could be accomplished in a few different ways – from creating simple Google Alerts on your company name, or hiring an outside company to monitor things for you. No matter how you do it, you absolutely must stay on top of things and check your name frequently. Go ahead, Google yourself every day, and don’t feel bad about it.

Know When to Respond

If a bad review crops up about your business, you have to know what to do about it. In most cases, if you think or know that it’s a legitimate complaint, it’s a good idea to respond both publically and privately to it. You can only do this if you’re going to at least offer an apology. What you do beyond that is up to you, but offering to remedy the problem or issue a refund makes you look like the good guy, too. However Paul Houghton advises you should not respond if you’re going to be aggressive, and don’t ever accuse a reviewer of being fake (even if you think or know they are) because that won’t reflect well on you.

Promote Yourself

Paul Houghton states that when someone Googles your business, they likely won’t ever go past the second page of results, and they’ll hardly ever go beyond the third. That’s why it’s so important to focus on what comes up in those first pages. You can’t control it, of course, but you can help to promote yourself with excellent SEO on your website. If you’re clueless, hire an expert to teach you the basics. Producing good, original content works, too, so start a blog or contribute to other websites related to your field. Finally, make sure you claim all your listings on sites like Google Places, and maintain a page on all major social networks.

There are plenty of other things you can do to protect your online reputation management: set up a Flickr account optimized with your name e.g Paul Houghton, ask your business partners to post an optimized profile about your company on their site, and so on.

The important point to remember is that the top 10 Google results can change from day to day, if not hour to hour. Take the necessary measures now to make sure you own or influence as much of those top 10 results as you can while keeping an eye out on the second and third page results.

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