Orthopedic Mattress Professional advice is essential

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Badenia Bettcomfort one of Europe's leading bedding manufacturers and stands for high quality sleep systems.

If you have questions about our mattresses, foam mattresses, bed frames and beds perfect sleep systems offer, the MULTIFLEX ® dealer will be happy to help.

Have we piqued your interest in our sleep systems offer? The unique MULTIFLEX ® sleeping comfort is difficult to put into words, you will experience it locally at a qualified repair center.

We look forward to you - MULTIFLEX ® - Your Partner for mattresses, foam mattresses, bed frames and beds perfect sleep systems.

What should I look for when buying a good foam mattress? For instance, the so-called volume weight of at least 40 kg / m³ amount. Better Sleep with quality Multiflex mattresses and memory foam mattresses, healthy sleep comfort and restful sleep for better quality of life.

Convince yourself of our memory foam mattresses offer:

Cold foam mattress MULTIFLEX ® KS 400 - m³ Flextube mattress with density 55 kg /

Cold foam mattress MULTIFLEX ® KS 1000 - m³ Flextube mattress with density 80 kg /

Tons pocket spring mattress MULTIFLEX ® TFK 2000 - pocket spring mattress with 2000 Micro-springs

A mattress advice is intended to serve as an adviser and buying guides. Remember, a mattress will accompany a large part of your life!

If you have further questions about our foam mattress offering the MultiFlex dealer will be happy to help.

Have we piqued your interest in our foam mattresses offer? Then contact one of the qualified Multiflex dealer.

So you get your sleep comfort

Use your mattress with a matching bed base and a neck support pillow. Then you are correct.

A mattress pad (schooner) between the mattress and bed base prevents possible Zustauben from below and possible mechanical damage of the mattress cover.

The ideal room temperature in the bedroom is about 16-18 ° C, the ideal humidity is around 45-60%. With this combination you sleep experience, the best. She is also very good for your bedding.

Ventilate your bedroom every day and let the mattress - no bed or blanket - aired longer. Then they can make the 0.5 liter absorbed moisture back into the atmosphere. This also prevents the risk of the formation of mold and mildew.

Twist and turn your mattress every few weeks in the longitudinal and transverse directions, unless it is used on both sides, only in the longitudinal direction. This contributes to the regeneration of materials and extends the life of your mattress. The mattress handles are intended as turning aids, they are not suitable as a transport handles.

To care for the mattress occasionally reaches the brushing with a soft brush. Avoid knocking or aspirate, which would interfere with fabric and upholstery.

If your mattress has a removable cover, you notice. At his laundry or cleaning the care instructions on the garment label Remove in advance any adhesive labels.

If you use your mattress regularly, we recommend they be replaced after 8-10 years later than for hygienic and orthopedic reasons.

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