Prince Harry experiencing hairless facts with thinning hair certain

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They say we all eventually turn in to our parents but there are some things we had rather not inherit. Harry, it appears, has started to lose some hair around his crown, just like his big brother William and their father Charles. The 28-year-old royal's hair shows signs of thinning in images taken on a recent charity trip.

Pictured during a trip to the Kananelo Centre for the deaf on behalf of his charity, Sentebale, in Lesotho, last month Harry was showing some scalp through his famous ginger locks - indicating the beginnings of hair loss, based on Britain's leading hair thinning expert Asim Shahmalak. Jonny Harris, a hairloss pro and managing director of the Belgravia Centre hair clinic, told the Daily Mail that Harry will probably have thin hair by the time he reaches 50 while Prince William will be bald by the time he is 40. Somehow we doubt that these predictions turn off would-be royal princesses. Who are we to judge?, if a prince is good-enough for the Duchess of Cambridge Harry rarely misses a chance to make fun of his brother's hair.

Surgeons have also urged the Prince to have crisis hair treatment to stop from losing his heart throb status.

Dr Shahmalak said the stigma around seeking treatment for hair thinning had mostly gone, thanks to high profile hair transplant patients like Wayne Rooney and James Nesbitt. Dr Shahmalak runs the Crown Cosma hair loss clinic in Manchester

Dr Nadeem Uddin Khan told the publication that Harry should party as much as he wants because it's going to all catch up with him.

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