Drakensberg | Drakensberg Property For Sale looking for Property for Sale Drakensberg take some time out to visit some of the sites of the Bushman rock paintings in the area." />

Property For Sale Drakensberg

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Whilst roaming through the Drakensberg | Drakensberg Property For Sale looking for Property for Sale Drakensberg take some time out to visit some of the sites of the Bushman rock paintings in the area.

There is much evidence of the Khoisan (or Bushmen) people having lived in the Drakensberg | Property For Sale Drakensberg as long ago as 40 000 years and possibly longer. As many Artifacts discovered will bear out.

Long ago this area was home to many of the nomadic Khoisan. They lived their lives peacefully wandering through the land, following the great herds of game as they migrated, hunting and gathering along the way. As they passed through they left their story behind. You will find their rock paintings on the walls of caves, rocky outcrops and cliff overhangs. Using red and yellow ochre, hematite, charcoal and manganese oxide the artists of the San diarized their lives in scenes depicting themselves as the hunters and their prey fleeing their deadly arrow heads. It is a unique recording of their history. When followed through the ages these paintings cover normal daily events such as hunting and food gathering. They also introduce us to the ‘black skinned’ people who arrived from the North. This was the start of the end for the Koisan in the area as tragically they record when from being the hunters they then become the hunted, by the ‘black skinned people’.

The Khoisan had lived peacefully for a long time alongside another tribe, called the Amazizi, who were the first tribe to inhabit the area. Inevitably though, other tribes moved in, including ‘the black skinned people’, which led to warfare, death and destruction. This was just the start of the Khoisan being persecuted. With the arrival of King Shakas troops the San people were scattered into the mountains and then, again, they were disrupted during the Great Trek with the settlers hunting them. With disputes over cattle, land, and hunting grounds the San were being decimated in clashes with the Settlers and other indigenous tribes. The settlers were so angered by the San raiding their cattle stock that they declared them vermin and set about exterminating them. Sadly the few that survived finally left the area in the 1880’s and were not seen again.

Although that might not be entirely true. In 1926 there was the discovery of a cave complete with a bow and arrow and a freshly laid out grass bed.

However, they are gone but not forgotten as they have left behind a fascinating pictorial display in their rock paintings.

It is said that there are over 600 sites with anything from 35 000 to 40 000 of these remarkably well preserved bushmen paintings in the Drakensberg | Property Drakensberg, dating back thousands of years. One such painting has been dated at 2 400 years old but there is evidence of paint chips dating back much further. This fascinating display of rock murals, the largest such collection in the world, played a large part in the uKhahlamba- Drakensberg Park being declared a World Heritage Site.

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