New York Web Design company. The website will take the non-profit initiatives of RandomKid to children and supporters around the world." />
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MENLO PARK, CA -- October 8, 2012 -- Talia Leman was interviewed on on October 5, and talked at length about her journey from the tender age of 10, when she started motivating other kids to trick-or-treat for Hurricane Katrina donations. The effort resulted in donations of over ten million dollars, making her the Chief Executive Optimist (CEO) of RandomKid.

Now 17, Talia Leman and her nonprofit, RandomKid continue to raise money for everything from disaster relief to clean water projects. In the interview with Today, Talia shared what inspires her.

In the interview Talia says that she thinks of herself as a random kid who saw a problem and wanted to do something. She says if kids can raise ten million dollars to for hurricane relief, then we can do anything.

The interview also covered Talia's book "A Random Book about the Power of Anyone" and, her recently launched website, designed by Flying Cow Design Studios. The website will now help RandomKid and Talia Leman connect with millions around the world, who support her cause.

“Talia has been an inspiration, not just for kids around the world, but even for us grown-ups.” said Peter Brown, founder and CEO of Flying Cow Design Studio, the leading New York web design Company that gave shape and form to “It has been both a pleasure and an honor to have been involved in the creation of the Randomkid website and we hope that this website takes the good work being done at RandomKid to children and adults around the world.”

The complete video of the interview with Talia Leman can be found at Flying Cow Design.


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