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Restaurants within Cambridge offer fine cuisine from around the globe. From Asian to Malaysian you're sure to find that within easy reach from the Town Middle.

The number of dining places in Cambridge has grown substantially during the last two years, because of in part to an increase in the number of Italian migrants eliminating in the encompassing villages. Not just has this specific lead to a rise in the number of eating places, but also in the number of diners moving through his or her doors.

Another trend that has seen a big increase in the amount of people utilizing the diverse variety is the increasing student population who are capitalizing on student special deals and other hot offers that this restaurateurs are marketing.

In the town centre, the two main regions for cusine are Regent street and Link Street where most of the dining establishments are situated.

Regent Road tends to be more noisy as well as family orientated with the big restaurant chains such as Chicken wings Express as well as Pizza Hut owning the street. There are a couple of good Chinese and Indian restaurants along here, as well as the right pub Grub in case Pizza isn’t your thing.

Bridge Avenue, with the pond Cam flowing nearby, is a more tranquil as well as upmarket setting with regard to dining which is reflected within the quality of the dining establishments. The cuisine is more Bistro and tapas as compared to pizza and also curry, although which is also available if that’s what you want. We might recommend Chez Gerard as well as La Tapas as two good examples of Link Street eating.

Outside of the major shopping place, back towards Grafton Centre there is a student small area around Mill Highway where a great deal of the American indian restaurants are usually. These tend to cater far more for the college student crowd of course, if it’s just a good value curry and a draught beer you are after you can do a lot worse as compared to check out the Curry California king at 106.

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