RocksFast.com Provides Industry Leading DekoRRa Faux Rock Edging Blocks for A Pro-QualityLandscape!

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Lansing, MI, 02 May 2013- Landscaping is a popular activity for many homeowners who are looking to further improve the aesthetics and overall look of their outdoor spaces. With the right supplies and landscaping equipment one can easily plan and maintain an attractive lawn or yard without too much back breaking labor. However landscaping materials such as paving stones or edging blocks are notoriously expensive, heavy and unpleasant to work with...until now.

Landscaping materials typically include wood chips, stone, wood, bricks and even boulders. This combination of materials, when used together, oftentimes creates a natural ambience to any outdoor living space.

Nowadays, the techniques and even the materials in the landscaping arena are constantly evolving. We can easily purchase and use different materials which are more efficient, effective and even more beneficial to every landscaping project. In addition, we can easily find materials such as plastic stone edging blocks and faux stone border edgers which are very easy to install which will even help you finish your project in no time. The problem has always been one of aesthetics, however. Up until now artificial stone edging blocks were manufactured of low quality plastic that looked fake from any distance.

RocksFast.com, an internet retailer of high quality landscaping, garden and lawn products is now offering industry leading DekoRRa faux stone edging blocks. Revolutionary design features incredible realism and ease of installation. These edging blocks can also be used to form tree mulch edging rings which look wonderful and are easy to install.

The Ultra realistic faux stone border edging blocks provide the appearance of real rocks without giving you the worries and hassle of trying to find, move and place perfect size stones. More so, these products are manufactured in the USA of highly UV resistant polymers to prevent fading. Ultra durable and built to last!

Garden and landscaping projects are never easy especially when it comes to choosing the right products. These edgers are made to be durable, lightweight and efficient for fast and easy installation. Now anyone can produce a professional quality landscape without sacrificing your budget or your back. Faux stone border edgers from Rockfast.com provide you the flexibility to be more creative with your project with the various style, colors and textures available.

Each edging block can be fastened to the ground with included metal stakes. The same "Real-Rock" molding process used in manufacturing DekoRRa's line of architectural grade rock covers is used to make these ultra realistic edging blocks.

The propietary design process yields results that will provide homeowners with an easy to use and durable means of edging gardens, yards, paths and walkways.

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