Should You Shoot Tequila or Enjoy it in a Mixed drink?

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Depending on your preference, you might enjoy tequila either in a shot or a cocktail. Although there is no proper answer to the way to consume tequila, there are several methods to enhance the adventure. Probably the frequent problems of providing tequila at a event is choosing if you should provide it as a shooter or as a mixed drink. A shot is normally best suited in instances when just good friends are together, such as at a bachelor's party, frat bash or other function. In community circumstances, a cocktail is often recommended. When the event will be a refined, calm event, then cocktails would probably be a better choice.

Another major debate is if tequila has to be offered cold or at room temperature. Many experts believe that cooling a tequila waters down its taste and like drinking tequila at room temperature. In order to relish and experience the drink as a drink in its own right, then there is no superior way for you to drink tequila than at room temperature. At room temperature, the alcohol's taste profile can be completely experienced, providing the drinker with the most accurate manifestation of the drink.

One of the great things about tequila is how flexible it can be. Many consume tequila during a get together, and also drink it at the conclusion of their day to relax. Tequila is a beverage that is at home in a glass served without ice or combined into a enjoyable tequila mixed drink. It may be served at a pool party in the daytime and sipped from a tequila glass in the evening. There are even different types of tequila that may be sampled; blanco, reposado, and also anejo - each having its very own distinct and different flavors for consumers to discover.

How to Identify Superb Tequila

The very best tequila in the world comes from Jalisco, Mexico, and is created from the centers of 100% agave plants cultivated in the highlands. Tequila produced in Jalisco is consistently scored as the finest in the world by tequila and fine liquor experts. Tequila that's aged in white oak barrels is also considered to be better quality compared to tequila that isn’t.

Needless to say, what it always comes down to is flavor. Tequila lovers and those who are interested in becoming tequila connoisseurs really should try out an assortment of unique tequilas until finally they choose the brand they call their favorite. The more bold tasters will go outside of his or her comfort zones, testing different brands and kinds of tequilas. Often, the more adventurous ones find hidden gems that become their favorites.

After a tequila drinker finds his favorite brand and type of tequila, he'll commonly test the tequila with various types of mixed drinks. There's a mindset that each and every serious tequila aficionado demands a preferred tequila in addition to a favorite mixed drink. You will find the timeless classics like the tequila sunrise and the margarita - and there are also the less known - but nevertheless just as tasty - such as the Brave Bull, Bloody Maria, and Toroha. Some would probably say that most of the fun of choosing tequila is all of the great tasting cocktails they will get to taste along the way - a sentiment that anyone who samples several well-mixed tequila mixed drinks quickly recognizes.

For a enjoyable tequila learning experience along with good friends, consider hosting a tequila tasting party at your home. Attendees can be provided a variety of tequilas as both a shooter or a mixed drink, but be careful to observe how quickly the beverages are enjoyed!

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