The #1 Way To Say F*@k You To Your Boss and Not End Up On The Unemployment Line

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If your place of employment is anything like the jobs I had then you probably feel some type of way about your boss. I used to go into work every single day dreaming of the day where I would reach my breaking point and get that final command that just sets me off and let out a boisterous FUCK YOU I QUIT.

Many of us have this same dream/fantasy in our heads replaying over and over again but we never act on it for 2 reasons:

1. We don't want to go to jail because that's just not cool.

2. We don't want to get fired because we don't to end up more broke than what we already are 'cause that's just not cool either.

So we shut up and put on this fake smile when they walk by, normally accompanied by some sort of in-genuine salutation. And we get stuck in this same cycle day in and day until one of three things happen:

1. We get fired. (What happened to me, dont worry we will talk about that on another day)

2. We retire from that place after a quarter century or more has been served.

3. We get tired of putting up with the same shit and decide to find a means to make a living elsewhere.

Lets focus a bit on the third.

I remember when I was working for a company that I will not name but just to give you a hint; their colors are blue and yellow and they sell tvs. :)

Anyway I was working for this company for several years and when I first got hired, I was in nerd nirvana. I was happy to go to work everyday because that meant I got to see and play with all of the latest and greatest consumer electronics products. But within a few weeks the honeymoon was OVER, and I began to see the company for what it really was and that's when my resentment for authority within that company began.

Have you ever been at work and got so used to doing things one way, and then some asshole within the company decides to change the Status Quo and implements some sort of new "initiative" that completely changes the way that you operate on a daily basis? Yeah well this happened to me almost on a weekly basis, and as you can imagine it was annoying, frustrating, and every other negative synonym of the word that exists.

I remember one day I was wiping down tv screens and my manager comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder (which I HATE) and says "Hey bro I need that whole area over there vacuumed before you can leave" I wanted to explode, I wanted to scream, I wanted to inflict physical pain upon him but I forced a smile and said "ok boss you got it."

I went home that night and I couldn't sleep at all. I kept thinking to myself; "Really Michael, is wiping down TVs and vacuuming floors really what you signed up for?" Amidst my self pity and due to the fact I couldn't sleep a wink I grabbed my laptop and being naive as I was I simply googled "ways to make money online" and what I started to find gave me that moment of clarity that had eluded me for so long...the moment I knew I was gonna be able to FINALLY go into work and tell everyone this:

Well maybe not in a literal way but surely metaphorically. What I learned that night changed the course of my life forever and empowered me to become an entrepreneur, and follow a dream that I had for a long time. Now I am making more money than my former boss does and I didn't have to pick up a vacuum to do it....just my computer.

What I'm saying is the best form of revenge is success, utilize the negative energy you may have towards your boss and turn it into a driving force to propel you to life of your dreams.

If you would like a good resource to start with check out The MONEY TRIGGER, by Alex Jefferies. It truly was a life changer and is adaptable to any job you may have currently.

And oh yeah, comment below, its only fun if there is interaction going on and it'll only take 10 seconds.

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