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The Snooper Shotsaver S280 golf GPS is a useful multi-purpose device. About the golf course it offers the positional as well as distance right information to take lower standing, but you may also use it as being a UK street-level direction-finding system or to get from town for you to town. Need to have turn-by-turn voice guidelines while you're generating? No problem -- you'll have them with the Snooper Shotsaver S280. As well as, you can also use it as a photo viewer or a hand-held MP3 along with MP4 player. Exactly what a brilliant thought!

The unit provides you with free use of maps in excess of 5,Five hundred golf courses during Western Europe along with the UK. Almost all course routes have been plotted on foot, and also the distances displayed to various functions from 1st tee to environmentally friendly are extremely accurate. You can acquire and retailer all the study course maps you will need on your Snooper Shotsaver S280, for the reason that unit can take 100 course maps in any one some time and you can swap them away.

Once you've delivered electronically the chart for the training course you'll be enjoying, you simply select that course from the list the unit displays. Then, once your round starts, you'll always know your own distance for the front, midsection and rear of the natural, along with the mileage to any ponds, streams, bunkers or other hazards. The unit's sophisticated Gps navigation technology figures all these ranges automatically.

You may always understand specifically which golf club your next photo requires because you'll know precisely what lies ahead and exactly how far your current shots need to carry. You will know the location along with distance on the green along with the hazards about the course, thus you'll know whether or not to go for it or otherwise not. You'll be aware of the places and ranges for significant trees, pathways, roads, ditches along with ravines that might offer you an unplayable sit.

Likewise, this specific golf GPS shows all doglegs, with the distance on the bend. The device allows you to determine and document how far an individual hit everyone of your clubs, so it's never been easier to find out which one to select. A digital scorecard perform lets you preserve score to your entire foursome. If you love, it will even calculate the group's internet scores and Stableford points routinely.

The Snooper Shotsaver S280 is a compact gps for golf that uses a captivating full-colour LCD touchscreen display. You can carry it in your palm or add it for your golf trolley with an optionally available, specially-designed mounting class. The device includes a windscreen mount for those times when you wish to use it being a navigational device within your car or truck.

Your built-in, rechargeable battery's fee doesn't previous forever, yet it's enough for any round on the course. And also, if you use an electric powered golf basket, the included cable will let you power the GPS completely from the trolley's electric battery. The unit may also run off your current vehicle's electric battery when you're featuring its street course-plotting function : the necessary in-car strength cable is included.

There have been a few reports the screen can crack with regard to no apparent reason. Apparently the manufacturer initially brushed aside repairing or even replacing the particular damaged products, but the circumstance now seems to be resolved.

As you have seen, the Snooper Shotsaver S280 can be a fine gps for golf, although it is much more than that. That gives you tremendous value because it can also be used like a route planner and navigational aid, a music player, a photograph viewer, and a speed camera locator.

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