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Ubuntu's actual web site had a rundown timer for some thing that's “So close, you can almost touch it.”, the vast majority of us thought that it may be a release of Ubuntu which would be fine tuned for touchscreen items like tablet PCs and cell phones. On the contrary, it actually turns out that Canonical had something way more impressive and impressive than this up its sleeve.

In the declaration done a few days ago, Canonical presented Ubuntu for mobile phones, a full functioning Ubuntu distribution which is created for current quad-core/dual-core handsets and for also future cell phone handsets. Just in case you may be thinking that if Ubuntu for Android was announced about a year past, then what is the reason to announce this? The reason is, it is a extremely separate project versus what has ever been successfully done and also accomplishes even more effective work from a phone instead of what any mobile phone Operating System has been effective to undertake.

Folks from The Verge were kind enough to do a hands on video for a device that had Ubuntu for android and if truth is to be told, at a very first peek, it looks something that is a technology of future. However, as the video continues you will notice that the system lags a tiny bit when doing heavy tasks and multi tasking isn't up to the mark which you would presume from a computer but that shouldn't be a factor to worry since Ubuntu for phones is still under heavy development and what is demonstrated in the video is not even an Alpha version of what Canonical is trying to release. So if all goes well, we might in fact see our phones replacing our desktop PCs after all.

An announcement like this is certain to get compounded response from the usual consumers as well as from experts all around the globe and while the vast majority of the individuals who are already operating Linux or Ubuntu are rejoicing over the very simple fact that they are finally going to get a fully functional Ubuntu as an OS for personal smartphones officially, other people are afraid of that Ubuntu might not be worthwhile to safeguard its place in an iOS and Android superior market. After all, it has been about a entire year since the Windows phones made their play into the market and till date, their part is next to nothing when in comparison to the Google developed Android and Apple's very own iOS.

Though, prior to jumping to any results, we are required to first have patience for Ubuntu for phones to roll out officially and see how efficient it grow to be once the concept gets desirable among the masses. Anyhow, till then check out the video clips which people at Ubuntu For Android were kind enough to put up on their blog along with the UI selling points and features that this new OS is going to introduce.

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