Unleash your healing potential this year with Biogetica’s Sintergetica Formulas.

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Biogetica hopes that you had a wonderful start to 2013. The company is here to assist you in your health and fitness goals for the New Year. These state of the art natural supplements are formulated to cleanse your body of impurities, energize and revitalize the life force, and also boost the immune system. Sintergetica formulas combine nutraceuticals herbs and high frequency resonance homeopathics to support your body on multiple layers of your being. These Sintergetica products are formulated to provide specific nutrition your body requires and alsohelp balance the energy and information within the body so that it can absorb and utilize this nutrition efficiently.

The following three products are available in the Sintergetica line. Biogetica’s Doctor's recommend that an individual should take 1 or 2 pills daily.

DETOXIFICATION:For deep cleansing and detoxifying the body

Many individuals are discovering the benefits of detoxifying the body as a way tojump starttheir health for greater energy, weight loss and getting rid of harmful toxins. Toxins generally disrupt the normal healthy flow within the body, which may cause you to feel tired, sore and depressed.

Biogetica’s enzyme enhanced detox formula;DETOXYMhelps you cleanse the easy way without drastic changes in lifestyle.Detoxymis a blend of natural Herbs, minerals and advanced nutraceuticals that are traditionally believed to support the detoxification process and strengthen your liver and kidneys.

IMMUNE SYSTEM:For supporting the immune system

Our immune system works around the clock to insure that we stay healthy and fit. So, if at times you feel a bit under the weather, just remember that your immune system is working hard to deal with the infection.

As the immune system needs a lot of the body's resources to function,Biogetica has introducedREGINMUNE.This full Spectrum formulation is a combination of dietary supplements, herbs and advanced bio-energetics which is designed to boost the immune system, reduce susceptibility and keep your health well protected.

ENERGIZE:For boosting energy levels without stimulants.

In the daily grind of life, it can be challenging to keep our energy, emotions and nutritional inputs in absolute synchrony.You owe it to yourself to make maximum use of the life you are gifted with.

PRANA MANAis an all natural, energy boosting formulation, combining traditional herbs with Advanced nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and resonant homeopathics to help you keep your energy levels high without the use of stimulants. Prana Mana builds the life force in the body and is traditionally believed to have ingredients that help the body age more gracefully. Prana Mana has no come-down or out side effects like most of the other energy based formulas in the market.

The proof always lies in the pudding and we guarantee your satisfaction with our 100% money back guarantee. You can also contact their Doctors via live chat or phone to get information on how these products can help improve your life.

Biogetica represents the coming together of Drs, Healers and Scientists from every tradition in an effort to best serve your needs. We have synthesized wisdom from Allopathic, Chinese, Ayurvedic, Shamanistic, Tibetan, Sintergetic, Homeopathic, Homotoxologic, Yogic and Biotech traditions with Quantum Physics in order to present the most advanced and comprehensive solutions to an ailment available today.



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