Virginia Surgical Hair Center Now Leading The Battle Against Hair Loss in Women Due To Hair Extensio

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An Increasing Market Of Balding Women Can Now Regrow Their Hair Permanently Thanks To New Technological Advances

Virginia Surgical Hair Center has been helping balding women who have damaged their hair do to bad hair extensions. With over 25 years in the business, the company claimed to have seen it all until now. Women worldwide hold celebrities to a high standard, and emulate their every action including hair styles.

As part of their job many female celebrities feel that they must look their best at all times in order to capture the spotlight. After all they are adored by millions of fans. Along with this pressure to look their best they resort to doing crazy things such as plastic surgery to modify the way that they look. The most popular and growing trend is hair extensions. Sure its a quick fix but ultimately it causes balding and destroys the hair. In some cases it damages the hair to the point that the individuals hair will never grow again.

There are many over the counter products that you can purchase that may limit or minimize any further hair loss. The only permanent solution to regrowing your hair after damaging it from bad hair extensions is to have an outpatient procedure performed known as a hair transplant or hair restoration.

During a recent interview with the founder of Virginia Surgical Hair Center Linda Carnazza admitted a huge increase in the number of young women who have destroyed their hair because of bad hair extensions. She also stated that most of the hair extensions were not the cheap do it yourself type, these young ladies had paid several thousand dollars to ultimately have their hair destroyed.

Linda Carnazza is an expert at hair restoration surgeries. Sufferers from bad hair extensions can enjoy the best results when they choose the restoration procedures of Virginia Surgical Hair Center. This type of hair loss restoration is painless as far as the patient is concerned and it is an outpatient procedure.

Hair loss is a major problem for both men and women, but more so women. Although it does not directly affect your health the results of hair loss can affect a women's emotional health by lowering their self-esteem and the way that they feel about themselves.


Virginia Surgical Hair Loss Center has over twenty-five years worth of experience in the hair restoration and follicular unit extraction field. Individuals in the Virginia, Washington. or surrounding areas who find themselves dealing with hair loss should schedule a consultation. Virginia Surgical Hair Center has the ability to deal with any hair loss problems ranging from eyebrow restoration, beard and mustache transplants to balding issues do to natural causes or poor hair extensions should call immediately - 1-866-691-4247.

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