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These days eyeglasses are hip and trendy and are readily available in a variety of styles, materials, shapes and colours. That means that they can be chosen to accessorise an outfit allowing you to look cute and intelligent at the same time. But some of us bespectacled girls have always had a hard time applying eye makeup. Most of us are afraid to put on mascara for fear that it might stick to the lenses. Well - worry not because such obstacles and apprehensions will become a thing of the past once you learn how to apply eye makeup while wearing glasses.

As a rule, once you have slipped on glasses you can instantly notice your eyes becoming invisible behind the specs. In order to ensure you always look your gorgeous best in eyeglasses tweak your makeup accordingly.

Let us start with the base. It is always best to select neutral and simple tones when applying foundation. The trick is to blend and then blend some more, creating a flawless canvas to work on. Mineral or even compressed powders work well for eyeglass wearers as liquid and cream foundations tend to build up under the nose.

You should see to it that you apply eye cream around your eyes to hydrate your skin. Eyeglasses tend to magnify the eye area, leaving the skin around the eyes dry and prone to developing wrinkles. In addition, using eye cream will make your eye makeup easier to apply and prevent it from creasing.

Concealer is a must for those who have dark rings around their eyes eyeglasses tend to cast a shadow under the eyes. A concealer will hide your eye bags and make your eyes appear brighter while evening out your skin tone. See to it that you choose a non-creasing under eye concealer that has light reflecting properties.

If your eyeglass frames are thick, dark, or coloured, it would be best to stick with neutral eye shadows. You can apply subtle gold-hued shimmer, cream or taupe to your eyelids. You can also use a black or brown liner to define your eyes. On the other hand, if your eyeglass frames are thin, you can wear eye shadows and eye liners of different colours. The thicker your frames, the less makeup you need to apply. In such instances its best to play up your lips instead of your eyes.

If your eyeglasses have thick lenses your eyes will tend to appear larger, so you need to wear dark and smoky eye shadows and liners to make your eyes looked balanced. Then again, if your eyeglasses have thin lenses your eyes will appear smaller, therefore applying a white liner to your lashes and a dark eye shadow on your eyelids allow your eyes to look larger and sparkler.

Do not forget to curl your eyelashes, especially if they are long. Curling them will allow you to emphasize your eyes behind the lens and frame. Another must when doing makeup for eyes is ensuring you have groomed eyebrows. Black or brown eyebrow pencils can fill in thin brows and also help neaten up the shape and define the arch. You can use a brown or black eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows appear neater.

Ensure the beauty of your eyes do not get lost behind your glasses by applying immaculate eye makeup enhancing your look. Working with your lens thickness and frame style and colour, you will be able to beautify the windows to your soul, even if they are sitting behind eyeglasses!

But sometimes a girl has to suffer for style - as all of us spectacle-wearing girls know - applying makeup and getting it right is nearly impossible because you just cannot see without your glasses and you need to take them off to do your eye makeup - arrgh! How frustrating! Here is the oft played scenario: you want to wear glasses out tonight to compliment that gorgeous outfit. The clock is ticking, friends are waiting and you are still getting ready. You have got to do your eye make-up quick-sharp and you have neither time nor inclination to put in and then take out your contact lenses. This has always taken you a while because you are always having to take off your glasses to apply and then put them back on to judge your work. Well behold the make-up glasses frames with prescription lenses filled to your prescription that allow you to fold one lens out of the way in order to apply make-up while viewing with clear vision through the prescription lens over your other eye. You can then put the lens back in place and fold away the other to do the other eye. Genius! You would not be seen dead out in these specs of course but they will save you a bundle of time and allow for precision application!

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