Whale Watching -- Correcting A few Myths

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If you are considering a holiday that needs whale watching, many times the following list involving common beliefs to be useful in smashing some misguided beliefs before you go.

Sharks are just massive fish

Zero, they are not. They may be air-breathing creatures giving birth to live young, and they are mammals : just like humans.

Going whale observing involves becoming frozen solid in the Arctic

There's two answers to this:

• You can get whale watching tours to just about any of the earth's oceans, which include some locations that may be very hot indeed;

• Although you may choose a holiday to far northern latitudes, everything has moved on a little since the Nineteenth century! All the yachts used are generally fully prepared for the prevailing temperatures.

Sharks can talk with each other

This is a tricky one because it is made up of an element of real truth even if it is, probably, incorrect in a literal sense. Most underwater researchers now accept that whales have sophisticated means of communicating with each other. The favourite of these is, naturally, whale song. Yet the exact communication mechanisms and the full definitions conveyed are usually far from totally understood. Presently there remains both considerable controversy and the requirement of further extensive research.

Whales are close to extinction

Regrettably, this is certainly proper in the case of some species, however perhaps not for all. Hunting, competition pertaining to food stocks and polluting of the environment are all items that human beings get reason to become less than happy with in terms of leading to the embarrassing situation where some species have been forced to break involving extinction.

With a positive note, some preservation steps are actually taken, plus some species seem to be in relatively good health when it comes to population amounts.

You can go whale watching throughout zoos and underwater parks

There exists a big difference between seeing a whale in captivity, however very good its environment, and in the open ocean. A lot of zoos and boat parks provide a wonderful informative and research service, but few would certainly claim to be in a position to offer the possibility to experience the whales' organic behaviours as you would within the ocean. By way of example, it is difficult to simulate a whale's hunting associated with a captivity circumstance.

I'm not an excellent sailor

The actual providers of whale watching trips have, as his or her primary aim, your personal protection. Nobody will ask you to expertise a drive 10 gale as well as to recreate moments from many Hollywood tragedy movies demonstrating the wonderful power from the ocean. The truth is, it may be very difficult to engage in whale viewing unless the elements and current conditions are very good. So, unless you are exceptionally afraid of water, you ought to have little to worry about!

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