Which are the best headphones? Bestheadphonesreviews.us aims to find out

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In recent years headphones have made a big resurgence. Not since the 80s have so many pairs been sold as people look to upgrade from tinny sounding ear buds. But deciding to upgrade isn’t enough. There is a big difference between the looks, comfort and performance of the new generation of headphones out on the market. Should you go for style? Or is sound quality more important? Do you want bass? Or do you want to be able to pick out a single cymbal crash on a packed soundstage? Bestheadphonesreviews.us is a website that aims to find out.

Bestheadphonereviews.us was launched by Matt Ambrose due to his own confusion when shopping for headphones. He researched all the pairs he could find diligently, comparing and contrasting all the reviews and videos he could find on headphones online. Deciding which are the best heaphones to choose was a confusing choice. To help out other people in the same situation, he created the website to share his research on which were the best headphones available.

“I’ve recently noticed a lot of people wearing Beats by Dr Dre headphones,” said Matt, “I wanted to find out if they really were as good as people said or whether there were alternative available. When you’re spending $100+ on a pair of cans, you want to make sure you’re making the right choice.”

Ever since Beats by Dr Dre launched in late 2008 there has been a flood of new celebrity endorsed headphones and those aimed at the fashion conscious. This includes pairs of headphones by other hiphop stars, ‘Street’ by Fifty Cent and ‘Soul’ by Ludacris. But can these headphones compete with classic headphones by Sennheiser and Grado? Bestheadhphonesreviews.us aims to find out.

For more information and to read the latest reviews on all the best headphones, visit bestheadphonesreviews.us.

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