XROAD V4100 GPS Assessment

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Specifications: Functions:

-4.3" wide TFT Touchscreen display LCD

-400MHz Straight talk samsung CPU

-Supports tunes (MP3), video (AVI), image (JPEG), and sport

-Internal GPS receiver (SIRFFIII/SIRFstarIII)

-2100mAH Battery

-Microsoft WinCE Core Model 5.0

-1.0 Gigabytes SD card installed with U.S road data

Equipment Included:

-CD along with manuals & guide data

-Quick Commence Guide

-Windshield Suction power Mount and Cradle

-Cigar-light power adaptor

-SD memory card

-Stylus dog pen

Test Area:This Navigation unit had been tested in the Upstate area of Nyc:





First Impression:The XROAD V4100 has smart modern design. Some.3" screen is very nice. It looks contemporary and feels well built.


My spouse and i opened the lamp and started out using the XROAD V4100 with no reading any kind of instructions. I used to be able to work out how to use all the basic functions quickly without any issues.

The Gps device took quite a long time to acquire the particular satellite initially I driven it about. It was a normal Rochester, NY morning - large overcast. Later on, every time My spouse and i turned on the actual V4100 it got only a few minutes to get the satellite tv signal.

Going into your desired desired destination is very simple. The readout and also display of information is very intuitive. The road routes and directions are easy to observe and follow. When it gets dark the actual V4100 automatically knobs to night traveling mode, that is nice and quite simple on your face.

As I commenced using the V4100, the idea performed very well. It pointed out an upcoming change well in advance so that I had the required time to get into the proper lane. Your voice requires are clear as well as simple to understand. There is no volume level indicator when you enter navigation mode. I stored trying to turn the volume upward without knowing if it was already on the maximum environment. With that being said, I believe that this GPS unit might use some more volume. Sometimes it has been difficult to hear especially if there exists wind or perhaps traffic sounds.

The V4100 is very accurate along with did a good job in keeping up with my location while travelling as I traveled around. When it obtained the satellite signal, there are very few dropouts. It absolutely was very quick in order to recalculate my route when I have missed a switch. So far I discovered the road roadmaps to be really good. The stage that Interests (POI) is a bit lacking. It lets you do include almost all major stores and attractions.

I did not make an effort to use the tunes or photograph function of this particular GPS. Exactly why would I want to try out my audio through the ΒΌ" presenter of a Gps device unit while on a trip my vehicle which has a stereo audio?

Conclusion:If you're able to get XROAD V4100 at under $150 it's an superb value. Navigation performance is fantastic and the words prompts are excellent. It will ensure you get were you want to go safely and accurately.

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